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nativeness by virtue of originating or occurring naturally (as in a particular place)

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A Chi-square contingency table was used to determine whether the distribution of species among threat statuses and level of endemism were significantly correlated for South African and CFR katydid species.
Endemism of the southeast of Leon and east of Orense included in the CEACL, as well as in the LRFVE, in both cases under 'Vulnerable (VU)' category.
A great deal of scrutiny has been directed upon Amazonia in particular and the patterns of endemism found therein (e.
The herpetofauna communities within Malagasy dry forests show remarkable levels of local endemism and specifically narrow-range endemism.
Areas of endemism of the Patagonian steppe: An approach based on insect distributional patterns using endemicity analysis.
The Dinagat Islands have a high endemism rate for its flora and fauna; Some of which have been declared endangered, particularly those found in Mt.
Kerry O'Neill from Secret Compass, said, “Madagascar is referred to as 'the 8th continent' for the richness and endemism of its flora and fauna, yet much of this is threatened by encroaching deforestation.
Diversity, adaptation, and endemism in neotropical Ericaceae: Biogeographical patterns in the Vaccinieae.
The late Middle Ordovician has been shown to be an interval when strong endemism and provincialism occurred in marine shelly faunas (Williams 1973; Jaanusson 1979), and when the GOBE got its first diversity acme on a global scale for all marine organisms (Webby 2000), the brachiopods in particular (Harper et al.
The senior researcher emphasised that now endemism ( occurrence) pattern and conservation requirements of these amphibians need to be looked into.
Consequently, conservation planning has primarily focused on representativeness, rarity, and endemism of species (Roberts et al.
Examples of relictual and autochthonous endemism among island taxa will be described and adaptive radiation among successful island colonizers will be emphasized.