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nativeness by virtue of originating or occurring naturally (as in a particular place)

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Furthermore, one of the main issues raised when addressing rupestrian vegetation research is its biodiversity, which is not homogeneously distributed, with disproportionately high levels of diversity and endemism at local and regional scales (Fernandes, 2016; Silveira et al., 2015).
Although there is much support for ecotypic differentiation and species-level endemism among flowering plants found on edaphic islands (O'Dell & Rajakaruna, 2011), such edaphic specialization is not as well- documented among ferns, gymnosperms, mycorrhizal fungi, lichens, or bryophytes (Rajakaruna et al., 2014).
Rodgers WA, Homewood KM (1982) Species richness and endemism in the, Usambara mountain forests, Tanzania.
Most of the fauna and flora of the country shows very high endemism while sharing common features with neighbouring subcontinent.
The Philippines has been known as one of the 35 world's biodiversity hotspots or 'regions containing exceptional concentrations of plant endemism, but experiencing high rates of habitat loss.'
Cantabrian endemism included in the IEAPCL, of which in Egido & al.
"Our study shows there are double the number of areas of endemism than previously thought.
niger herein reported for the Mato Grosso and Para states are within the Xingu center of endemism (sensu Silva et al., 2005) situated in a transitional zone between the Amazonia and Cerrado biomes, and conform to the distribution range of the species proposed by Gregorin and De Vivo (2013).
A great deal of scrutiny has been directed upon Amazonia in particular and the patterns of endemism found therein (e.g.
Seasonally dry tropical forests (SDTF) alone account for about 42% of the potential tropical global vegetation (Murphy and Lugo 1995), a substantial portion of which comprise biodiversity hotspots, i.e., contain a high level of endemism (Joppa et al.
Malindang revealed a notably high endemism of mammals at 66.67%.