endemic disease

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a disease that is constantly present to a greater or lesser degree in people of a certain class or in people living in a particular location


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Sources said that the endemic disease of measles is running with a bare- footed in the area while teams of health department have badly failed to save the lives of innocent children.
The report describes 10 important achievements in a variety of health-related areas, these are: fertility reduction and improvement sin reproductive health; safe motherhood; infant and child health improvements; infectious and endemic disease control and behavior change communications.
The sparse African populations would not have supported endemic disease.
A "perfect storm" of endemic disease and poor sanitation faces typhoon victims in the Philippines who are stranded without enough international aid, an aid worker said yesterday.
If you set out to design a system that guarantees we will continue to have problems with endemic disease, then I could not think of a better one than this," he said.
The licensed technology of 27 issued & pending international patents, describes the production of multi-valent vaccines for the treatment of alpha-viral infections resulting from bioterrorism or endemic disease.
Although measles is no longer an endemic disease in the U.
According to the World Health Organization, out of the four countries where polio is still an endemic disease, three are OIC members -- Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria.
2004) was used by trained biomedical personnel from provincial Centers for Endemic Disease Control to identify and categorize the cases of arsenicosis during the survey.
The resulting epidemic of M gallisepticum conjunctivitis severely decreased house finch abundance and the continuing endemic disease in the eastern range has been associated with repeating seasonal peaks of conjunctivitis and limitation of host populations.
Foreign voluntary workers' comp provides coverage for employees who become sick with an endemic disease while on business overseas.
On order, deploy worldwide and conduct health hazard surveillance for biological, chemical, nuclear, radiological, occupational/environmental health, and endemic disease threats at the theater level to protect and sustain the health of the force across the full spectrum of military and domestic support operations.
Key Words: coccidioidomycosis, endemic disease, travel
This in turn could lead to measles re-establishing itself as an endemic disease.
MEASLES could soon become an endemic disease again because of a dip in childhood vaccinations, scientists warned yesterday.