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  • verb

Synonyms for endanger

put at risk

Synonyms for endanger

to subject to danger or destruction

Synonyms for endanger

pose a threat to

put in a dangerous, disadvantageous, or difficult position

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He claimed that any listing designation by the NMFS would endanger the entire industry because the "interstate transport of cultured oysters will become a regulatory and paperwork nightmare.
She said Forest Service officials would not endanger the California condor with any of their new plans, which stress the endangered bird's protection and protection of urban areas from wildfires.
In 1992, environmental extremists used the ESA to stop controlled bums of dangerous brush build-ups, claiming the preventive actions would endanger protected gnatcatchers and rats.
SANTA CLARITA - A report released today by a national environmental group says the Newhall Ranch subdivision will endanger the Santa Clara River, which could cause it to lose its status as the largest and last natural waterway in Southern California.
We endanger ourselves if we fail to allow our bases to train our military men and women and test new weapon systems,'' Gallegly said in a statement released for this week's House floor vote.