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(verse) having a rhetorical pause at the end of each line


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In this context we may note too that "mind" (Old High German gimunt, "memory", and minna, "love") is end-stopped; also for Wordsworth "purer" because not distracted and thus more free to assimilate blessing, but also held strongly in place by the more fixed emplacements of memory and of trust.
"Heart" is end-stopped, and the "living blood" that flows by its agency will come to its final stop, as all mortal hearts must do at the end of human life.
(42) To the modern reader this initial failure of resolved, other-directed loving attachment strongly suggests an attributed primal narcissism, as if, very obliquely, Eve is being prepared for sacrifice; but an alternatively directed enquiry may observe in the diction employed a preponderant density of end-stopped formations: "That day I oft remember, when from sleep / I first awaked, and found myself reposed, / Under a shade of flowers ..." (449-51).
Here these end-stopped markers may indeed intimate a tacit critique of Eve's predicament: she has been taken out of Adam (membered) but now she self-discovers to be shut in, unable to escape this initial regression.
romance language past-tense forms are not phonetically end-stopped).
(33) For the reinforced fixation of end-stopped features compare also the effect of punctuation: "sweet,"; "blood,"; "heart,"; "trust,"; "gift,"; "mood," (twice); "suspended,"; these end-stops are also pause-stopped, and this suspensive grammatical pausing is also intensely motivated.
For example, if it is true that the heroic couplet, as Dryden handles it, 'by the reiterated end-stopped lines which the rhyme and designed pauses produce, halts or constrains the emotion, preventing any overflow of feeling', that is emphatically not true of rhyming alexandrines as Racine handles them.
His parallelism--rooted in the rhythms of the King James Bible--catalogs, end-stopped lines, and simple repetitions of phrases, sounds, and images, have been echoed in poets down to the present.
One pardons the occasional flat sections of information-giving prose; they are regularly relieved by end-stopped simplicities like "Over and over again we grow ready and are overwhelmed." More than a history, Socolow's book is a companion to history, filled with meticulous examinations of personal events that are elevated to universal experiences of abandonment and recovery.
Ellen Kaufman's pantoum "These Lines are Beams of Light" is written in a flowing conversational style that avoids the end-stopped lines typical of the form in favor of one that captures the sustained momentum of unfolding thought, and yet the artifice is foregrounded both by the poem's language (the colloquial and demotic "vice versa" and "White-Out" for instance), and in its concerns: "And what would they love/if they could, our words?
Proof: that first very factual sentence cast as an end-stopped line.
The end-stopped first line emphasizes the artifice of the voice, since the writer must "lie" even to begin, explaining several lines later that "here I am, up to my usual tricks - evoking spring-time on the least pretext....
The song is clearly stated and end-stopped after each "verse,) and at first Tomasson gives the trio clear-cut, end-stoppd phrases.