end up

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finally be or do something

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What's considered warm and fuzzy today may end up looking institutional 10 years from now.
Twenty-three years, 10 jobs and five cities later -- all with This End Up -- Hipple left her position as executive vice president of sales, marketing and merchandising last November.
At its height, This End Up operated 250 stores and had sales of $149 million.
The consumers wanted This End Up to stay, but its creditors said it was time for this furniture manufacturer and retailer to go.
This End Up is down but not out, according to company officials.
NEW YORK-This End Up opened its 901st store earlier this month, taking its place in what is shaping up to be New York's home decor district.
In daily life, one encounters scores of out-of-the-box ideas and workable business solutions, but such moments of inspiration go in vain and one mostly end ups with nothing except the same alibi of being lost for ideas.
Lava also has a nice selection of holiday-themed End Ups ($7.