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a place where something ends or is complete

the final point in a process


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The space within the triangle is folded along the centerline to create fullness at the end point (1).
The rate of the secondary efficacy end point was significantly lower in the clopidogrel plus ASA group at 16.
Compared to the end points, the importance of the switch might be understated, because by fixing the end points, you address more than two-thirds of the problem.
The COLIPA research program is directed toward understanding the mechanism of eye injury and identification of new in vitro end points predictive of the in vivo response to chemical injury.
But reductions in risk for nearly all of the end points studied in the initial trial were significantly greater for the tight-control group, although the reductions were about one-third less in magnitude than what they were at the end of the original trial, Dr.
As organizations become more dispersed end points become increasingly vulnerable to attacks and significantly more complex and costly to manage.
In contrast, for in-office measurements at baseline, every 10-mm Hg increase in systolic blood pressure raised the risk of the combined end points by 18%, and each 10-mm Hg increase in diastolic pressure raised the risk by 11%.
Another felt that the need to overcome the differing paradigms for cancer versus noncancer end points was a significant problem.
Bogner will discuss how breakthroughs in virtualization technology have fundamentally changed the way corporate end points work, making them inherently more secure and manageable while maintaining performance and usability.
This system allows researchers to investigate questions about mechanisms by measuring functional end points of estrogen action, such as prolactin secretion, which increases upon exposure to estrogen.
com/reports/c73372) has announced the addition of Can the Use of Biomarkers as Surrogate End Points Stimulate the Drug-Development Lull?
Specific end points recommended for tracking include asthma and chronic respiratory diseases, and chronic neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis.
Therefore, in order to benefit from the applications and feature-rich telephony platforms, enterprises are choosing to replace their legacy end points with new high-tech IP ones that grant the increased functionality of next-generation communication," notes the analyst of this research service.
Recently added to the arsenal of end points that such toxicological studies can use is the measurement of levels of the thousands of proteins and mRNAs present in the cell.