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Synonyms for encyclical

a letter from the pope sent to all Roman Catholic bishops throughout the world

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intended for wide distribution

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The 2015 encyclical, formally titled "Laudato Si', on Care for Our Common Home," challenges humanity to understand how integral all life on Earth is and that steps must be taken to protect God's creation by changing personal habits and collaborating as one human family.
While we know that the pope chose his name because of St Francis of Assisi, it is not by chance that in his first encyclical he chose as the title the beginning of one of the best-known pieces of St Francis, the "Canticle of the Creatures." Saint Francis is, in fact, a continuous reference throughout the encyclical, and the relationships between care for creation and care for the poor is a leitmotiv.
But Padovano goes one step further, as he directly addresses the misconception that Humanae Vitae is an infallible teaching and invites the reader to consider the ways in which the encyclical is an "unfortunate document." He notes that it elevated papal authority over the consensus of the faithful--a history many current lay Catholics do not know.
The encyclical seeks to raise awareness of the environmental predicament of Earth-humankind's common home-and deepen people's understanding of the urgency to take action.
The timing of the encyclical was purposeful and effective.
I am sorry, but in the view of the Church, it is a case of support one view in the Encyclical, then by default you support all the views.
The encyclical is an inflated version of the joint statement issued in April after the Vatican's conference on climate change, and the two documents ignore all scientific evidence to the contrary and present identical arguments: Humans are destroying the Earth, and radical environmentalism is a moral imperative.
Stemming climate change is a moral responsibility, suggests Pope Francis in encyclical on need for sustainability
Pope Leo XIII's encyclical "On New Things" ( Rerum Novarum, 1891) encouraged Catholic participation in the emerging labor unions of the day.
The World Bank Group has issued the following statement from World Bank Group president Jim Yong Kim on Pope Francis' encyclical that states the encyclical should "serve as a stark reminder to all of us of the intrinsic link between climate change and poverty.
"With Pope Francis I invite the faithful, the religious and the clergy of the Archdiocese of Manila to study, enrich, discuss and meditate on the various points of the encyclical," he said.
The Vatican is set to issue an encyclical on moral dimensions of climate change which should be welcomed by all
This Encyclical presents Catholics and the world with an ecological world view, calling for "a new synthesis," "a bold cultural revolution, a renewal of humanity." "Everything is connected" is a leitmotif of the Encyclical.
His encyclical Quadragesimo Anno is still an important document in Catholic social teaching.
The crisis of global capitalism; Pope Benedict XVI's social encyclical and the future of political economy.