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Synonyms for encumbrance

Synonyms for encumbrance

a charge against property (as a lien or mortgage)


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The portionless, who struggle with no such unnecessary inherited encumbrances, find it labor enough to subdue and cultivate a few cubic feet of flesh.
Freed of these encumbrances, he went on to divest himself of his other clothing, which he folded up, piece by piece, and ranged in order on the trunk.
To the best of knowledge and information of the authorised officer, there is no encumbrance on the property.
Mortgagors (typically property sellers) may request that the encumbrance be transferred onto other properties they own.
The imposition of an encumbrance in the absence of a state mandated disclosure statement approved by a court results in a 40% excise tax on the gross proceeds immediately payable by Wentworth.
There is something wonderful about knowing I can do what I choose, work commitments notwithstanding, without encumbrance," she added.
Field data are collected on the sale properties relative to proximity to and visibility of transmission line towers, and the extent of encumbrance by a transmission line easement.
The loan was structured to carve out the air rights from the encumbrance, thereby allowing the client to take advantage of the residential FAR above and construct condos.
Stairs, for instance, are simply a series of timber treads without the pesky encumbrance of risers, balustrades or handrails.
Congress could allow a recipient of encumbered property to recover from the other recipients of a decedent's assets the income tax liability attributable to the difference between the encumbrance and the encumbered property's carryover basis, to the extent that the liability exceeds the recipient's equity in the asset at the time of sale or other disposition.
Rather, he allows his body to be what it is, what in fact all bodies are--an encumbrance, a partly disgusting, partly lovable "thing" that is both him and not-him.
This comment will focus on the policy behind zoning regulations,(10) what is considered an encumbrance under the covenant against encumbrances provided in general warranty deeds,(11) and what situations will implicate this deed covenant.
The largest NPO of them all, the federal government, uses a cash basis for accounting, which is at the other end of the spectrum from "normal" encumbrance accounting.
TERMS AND CONDITIONS The eAuction is being held on As is where is basis and As is what is Basis 1 To the best of knowledge and information of the Authorised Officer there is no encumbrance on the property However the intending bidders should make their own independent inquiries regarding the encumbrances title of property put on auction and claims rights dues effecting the property prior to submitting their bid The e Auction advertisement does not constitute and will not be deemed to constitute any commitment or any representation of the bank The property is being sold with all the existing and future encumbrances whether known or unknown to the bank.