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convert ordinary language into code

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A user's data is reportedly stored encrypted both in the cloud and on the user's device, enabling them to access their information anytime while ensuring it's safe and secure, concluded the company.
Dual Zone partitions and secures case management data using a dual architecture comprising the 'Encrypt Zone' for customers to access encrypted data and the 'Staff Zone' from where case management staff initiate and control communications.
Information is limited on Google's plans to encrypt Google Drive, but CNet's sources say that the company may be looking to do all of the encryption and decryption on its own servers.
Kaspersky Lab said that it has previously thwarted previous variants of Gpcode, but it is currently unable to decrypt files encrypted by Gpcode.ak since the key is 1024 bits long.
At the same time, the encryption solution needs to help you associate encrypted data with its key and you need to be able to track the key.
In most companies the IT administration or security officers will ensure that data is encrypted on the server or storage array.
Steganos goes one step further by hiding encrypted files within other perfectly normal-looking files.
This provides more transparent authentication of users, greater granularity in the authorization of users to encrypted data, and overall streamlined security between Check Point-secured Internet communications and Protegrity protection of data-at-rest.
11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, officials suspect that hijackers and planners of the attacks used steganography, a method of hiding encrypted messages within, say, music files or pictures.
John encrypts his message with Marsha's fake public-key supplied by the attacker and sends the message to the attacker, believing it sent to Marsha.
has announced the AX200 Encrypting Token, a new generation security product that identifies the remote user and automatically encrypts transmitted data, preventing unauthorized access to network computers and sensitive data such as passwords and proprietary information.
The image provider encrypts input image by block permutation and stream encipher, where the block permutation only scrambles pixel positions and does not change pixel value.
The third method encrypts a much wider variety of data, using the Feistel construction first formally examined by Luby and Rackoff.
The Secure Mail service, powered by Echoworx's encrypted e-mail software, encrypts e-mail messages to help protect the privacy of their contents as they are sent over the Internet, helping companies safeguard their e-mail correspondence.
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