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convert ordinary language into code

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3CX has also become a sponsor of Lets Encrypt, providing support for the continuing provision of trusted security certificates for data communications.
The key user should forward it to the archive before using the key to encrypt data.
Despite appliances' ability to encrypt data at rest, knowing what data to encrypt today is important to optimize costs and more importantly to protect critical information from theft.
Encrypts every portion of the hard drive - not leaving any residual bytes unencrypted should the hard drive be partitioned
It adds buttons to the toolbar of any e-mail, allowing the user to add a digital signature or encrypt specific message(s) by default, by specifying it in the control panel.
The revolutionary technology behind the company's new AccessKey Vault[TM] product literally encrypts the entire hard drive of any computer and its contents, making the hard drive secure and unreadable to anyone other than the intended user.
Both CryptoStor models encrypt data using standard triple DES or AES algorithms at the block level, preserving transport information to ensure compatibility with leading applications, switches, storage devices and backup system CryptoStor for Tape work with tape backup software from Veritas, Legato, HP an Computer Associates (Tivoli TSM is slated for support in future release, according to the vendor).
SecureDoc Enterprise Server integrates with Active Directory, LDAP, and PKI servers to let administrators install, encrypt, and configure user machines centrally, and enables secure, yet flexible creation and distribution of keys and key files, as well as assignment of user access privileges.
Symmetric key cryptography is used to encrypt each packet instead of public key cryptography because it is considerably less computationally intensive.
The Luminex Channel Gateway 3200 provides FIS with an automated, secure and efficient solution to protect and encrypt data stored on CDs.
Siafu Sypher Encryption Appliances make encryption easy, so companies of any size can securely encrypt their valuable data on tapes destined for offsite locations.
The ability to encrypt and de-encrypt communications on-the-fly with virtually no latency and very little overhead utilization means that our data security applications can become standard element of every communications system.