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convert ordinary language into code

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Re-keying is the operation where a new key is used to encrypt and decrypt data.
Ease of Implementation and Management: You've already got backup software, you're already using it, and you can keep on using it when you use it to encrypt data.
The decision about what disk data to encrypt should ultimately stem from a data classification exercise.
It adds buttons to the toolbar of any e-mail, allowing the user to add a digital signature or encrypt specific message(s) by default, by specifying it in the control panel.
Any AccessKey Vault[TM] will not unlock or decrypt another AccessKey setup, and it lets users encrypt specific files and folders or the entire drive, as well as add-on USB drives, IDE drives and other portable storage devices.
Use of the NeoScale System appliances adds data protection not covered by other products the encrypt data-in-flight between hosts and storage but leave it exposed in storage.
SecureDoc Enterprise Server integrates with Active Directory, LDAP, and PKI servers to let administrators install, encrypt, and configure user machines centrally, and enables secure, yet flexible creation and distribution of keys and key files, as well as assignment of user access privileges.
Symmetric key cryptography is used to encrypt each packet instead of public key cryptography because it is considerably less computationally intensive.
The Luminex Channel Gateway 3200 provides FIS with an automated, secure and efficient solution to protect and encrypt data stored on CDs.
Siafu Sypher Encryption Appliances make encryption easy, so companies of any size can securely encrypt their valuable data on tapes destined for offsite locations.