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Synonyms for encrustation

the formation of a crust


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a hard outer layer that covers something

a decorative coating of contrasting material that is applied to a surface as an inlay or overlay

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The encrustation is somewhat patchy but does not show clear preference for any particular region of the pygidium.
9] Some urease inhibitors have also been shown to have possible clinical applications in the prevention of catheter encrustation and blockage.
Encrustation on stents is a well-established complication of retained DJS in the urinary tract (1).
The study shows significant differences when the seeds were submitted to coating treatment for all the species and varieties tested (Figure 1) and the seeds submitted to encrustation process showed higher germination when they are not encrusted.
Taphonomy of marine skeletal organisms involves biological, chemical and mechanical processes that led to abrasion, bioerosion, disarticulation, dissolution, encrustation, fragmentation, precipitation, orientation, and sorting (Nielsen, 2004; El-Gendy et al.
The cumulative incidence of the composite outcome of removal/ revision of vaginal or urethral mesh, removal of a foreign body, endoscopic treatment of a urethral foreign body or mesh encrustation, uretrolysis, or repair of a urethrovaginal fistula was 3.
5) New biomaterials and ureteral stent coatings, such as heparin and diamond-like carbon compounds, may reduce infection and encrustation rates.
Most women with IDC now use urinary catheters on a life-long basis, despite the problems known to be associated with chronic catheterization, notably urinary tract infections, encrustation and low quality of life.
Post DJ stent, complications like painful trigon irritation, septicemia, haematuria and stent encrustation were seen in 12.
Complications like painful trigone irritation, septicemia, haematuria and stent encrustation was seen in 13.
This held no less true of the earliest work in the show, Wally Hedrick's folksy-seditious pre-Johns representation of the American flag with the antiwar message PEACE scrawled across its stripes (Peace, 1953), than of the most recent, Paul McCarthy's Foam Pallet, 2012, a shit-colored, barnacle-like encrustation overtaking its support.
The purpose of this study was to determine if patients with indwelling catheters can be identified as "blockers" or "non-blockers" and to identify factors that contribute to recurrent catheter encrustation and blockage.
A blue encrustation found on skeletal remains of Americans missing in action in Vietnam.
By developing the first early warning system for urinary catheter blockage we hope we can offer doctors and nursing staff an accurate way of predicating and preventing encrustation before it is too late.
The smooth bore corrosion-free pipes minimise encrustation, ensuring low pressure drops, and have no energy-sapping thermal bridges as pipe supports are attached via the outer jacket.