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Synonyms for encroachment

Synonyms for encroachment

an advance beyond proper or legal limits

Synonyms for encroachment

any entry into an area not previously occupied

entry to another's property without right or permission

influencing strongly

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In a letter sent to the CBR authorities, Rescue 1122 District Emergency Officer Dr Abdul Rehman has pointed out that several encroachments have been made along the banks of water channels including the Nullah Leh, which have caused choking and blockage to the smooth flow of rainwater.
They categorically said they would never accept any political interference in the ongoing operation and will remain continue to remove all encroachments.
Though the state government has imported machines at great cost for the lake's cleaning, the encroachments are proving to be a major obstacle.
We should learn from the past examples of urban encroachment upon military bases in California.
Encroachment was reported as having affected some training range capabilities, requiring workarounds--or adjustments to training events--and sometimes limiting training, at all stateside installations and major commands GAO visited.
We believe that encroachment of any type will severely weaken the ability of EAFB to resist additional encroachment in the future,'' the organization said in a letter to Edwards' commander, Maj.
50) Compare Report of the American Bar Association, supra note 42, at 14 (arguing that consumers receive fewer services as a result of encroachment legislation), with BLAIR & LAFONTAINE, supra note 40, at 212, 234 (arguing that encroachment legislation will reduce consumer convenience).
No notice is required where encroachment of roads, public land and public ways is done.
A meeting of the property owners and shopkeepers of Ring Road was held on Wednesday in which they criticized the action of PDA officials during encroachment drive.
The provincial government showing zero tolerance towards encroachment in the entire province and committed not to accept any pressure in this regard.
To a question, about ever increasing encroachments in Tench Bhatta and Chungi No 22 Bazaars he said special anti-encroachment teams have been deployed in different areas aimed at checking and discouraging the encroachers.
Amer Ali Ahmed said that not only the issue of encroachment could be resolved by the mutual cooperation of civil society but Islamabad can further be beautified on modern lines.
During the operation which was supervised by Director anti encroachments Mazhar Khan along with other officials the Anti-encroachment staff with the help of dumpers and other heavy machinery removed all patharas, cabins, iron counters.
Taking strong exception to the encroachment on state land, spread over thousands of acres, particularly in Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and Larkana, the senior member said the loss worth billions of rupees to the exchequer can not be tolerated.
Another operation against encroachments was also conducted in the market of Model Humak and illegally established stalls were removed from the said market and confiscated one truck of encroachment items.