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Synonyms for encroach

Synonyms for encroach

advance beyond the usual limit

impinge or infringe upon

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He added that the Turkish government expressed surprise at the statement of objection to the bombing of Iraq on its territory, as if Iraq had no right to object to encroach upon its sovereignty".
33) Second, given these franchisees' lack of experience, many franchise contracts "reflect a profound imbalance of contractual power in favor of the franchisor," allowing the latter to encroach on the franchisee's market area.
Everyone in the room, without exception, was in favour of the Academy - they just don't want to encroach into Newsham Park.
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said the Centre has been trying to encroach state's jurisdiction through the formation of National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC).
2 : to go further than is right or fair to another : encroach
As the world around him begins to encroach upon his sanctuary, the servant woman's presence begins to bring others to Rellingford's door.