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in an encouraging manner

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Presently the crew came up, and the goddess spoke encouragingly to each of them.
He repays your expense in him, Casaubon," he went on, nodding encouragingly.
Not so much as some girls I know," said Polly encouragingly.
The cook stuck his head out of the galley door and grinned encouragingly at me, at the same time jerking his thumb in the direction of the man who paced up and down by the hatchway.
Another half-hour," Gerald assured him encouragingly, "and we shall be at St.
Are you going by the boat, ma'am,' he had asked her encouragingly.
Encouragingly for Albion and unusually, the last five meetings between these sides in all competitions have all resulted in away wins.
But encouragingly, the Science Museum, where it has been since 1862, has revealed an announcement is due next week on The Rocket's longterm future.
And encouragingly for Liverpool, it was also clear that they are starting to work out how to play to the big man's strengths.
Encouragingly, big increases in Ireland's employment rate is a major contributor to the economic growth.
He didn't handle Coventry or Bradford last season, but in 2012/13 he oversaw the Sky Blues' 2-0 defeat at Tranmere and, rather more encouragingly, the 5-0 win at Hartlepool where Carl Baker (2), David McGoldrick, Franck Moussa and Adam Barton ran riot for Mark Robins.
However, encouragingly, surveys show that for the first time in decades, fewer than one in five people now smoke.
More encouragingly, this was the first time after four years that primary balance turned to a surplus in the first half of a year, source added.
Encouragingly, y our latest barometer provides the clearest indication yet that companies are prepared to invest in new machinery and their premises in a bid to remain competitive and take advantage of significant opportunities both at home and abroad.
Encouragingly, this more positive tone is expected to continue over the coming year with 33% more respondents predicting workloads will continue to rise rather than fall once more.