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Synonyms for encouraging

Synonyms for encouraging

inspiring confidence or hope

Synonyms for encouraging

giving courage or confidence or hope

furnishing support and encouragement


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Activities reflecting key skills and strategies are organized into five categories: (a) goal setting, progress monitoring, and success sharing; (b) creating a caring, supportive, and encouraging classroom environment; (c) cognitive and memory skills; (d) performing under pressure and managing test anxiety; and (e) building healthy optimism (Appendix A).
And the notion of encouraging more births in negative population growth countries when there are millions of people elsewhere who would gladly come and be a part of an economy in need of more hearts, minds and hands is just patently cruel.
"We have been involved in encouraging people to get out walking in parks and open spaces and now we are hoping to encourage people to cycle for leisure or to get to work."
After the presentation, Department of Finance Commissioner Dave Goetz said that it was 'encouraging' that the lottery corporation's estimates were similar to the expected revenues the state's fiscal review committee submitted."
In future columns, we will describe additional tools that will aid you in both reducing barriers and encouraging innovative support for needed changes in your organization.
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles developed a practical program for kids and their families called KidsNFitness, where children play games that help them identify good food choices, encouraging them to watch less TV and become more physically active, which motivates parents to be good motivators and good examples.
The center's mission is to strengthen and expand that community by supporting research, encouraging faculty and students to apply their particular expertise to environmental topics, and providing a convivial space for collaboration.
"Today, more than half of all practicing CPAs are women, as are 56 percent of those entering the profession." What's also encouraging is that "the ethnic make-up--the diversity of the profession--has also increased, particularly among younger CPAs." Yahng, a partner and co-founder of Oakland-based BAYCPA, is the first Asian-American to serve as CalCPA chair.
"The government is committed to encouraging the development of greener fuels," said Healey.
Encouraging continual professional growth is notably an important goal of teacher education programs.
In order to implement a successful mentoring program for pregnant and parenting teens, parents should be encouraged to support their teens financially while also encouraging them to develop the educational and career plans necessary to achieve their future goals.
Taken another way, however, the resolution seemed to be encouraging attendance and full participation by the Canadian members of the ACC.
CHAMPSS (Children Helping And Motivating Parents to Stop Smoking) www.champss.org CHAMPSS is a national campaign designed to encourage and empower kids to help their parents quit smoking using positive and encouraging methods.
The CAC was partly inspired by the success of the Clean Election Campaign in Kenya, which since 1995 has been encouraging voters to refuse to take bribes or to support those who offer bribes.
"We're encouraging families early on that if you're sick, stay at home--we'll take care of mom."