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Synonyms for encourage

Synonyms for encourage

to impart courage, inspiration, and resolution to

to impart strength and confidence to

to lend supportive approval to

to help bring about

Synonyms for encourage

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The model that the bridge program provides encourages recycling on future projects around the state.
The Senate report encourages the agency to focus more on treating high-priority acres and using mechanical thinning rather than emphasizing lower-priority acres and lower-cost treatments, such as prescribed burning.
Athletic directors should encourage coaches to have regular discussions with their athletes about setting realistic short-term and long-term goals.
We have been involved in encouraging people to get out walking in parks and open spaces and now we are hoping to encourage people to cycle for leisure or to get to work.
By contrast, alternatives 3 and 4 both encourage innovative thinking and have the potential for pulling forth the best ideas from you and your people.
Camps can offer an optimal environment to encourage many types of physical activities, teach life-long active recreational pursuits, and establish opportunities to learn active lifestyle behaviors.
This program requires mentors, who were once teen mothers, to meet with students often, encourage them to stay in school and to help them with personal issues (UMDNJ Healthstate, 1999).
Hopefully, this award will encourage me to promote my music a little more.
2) Allocate more resources to initiatives that encourage healthy lifestyles and prevent disease.
Three adverts in particular appear to me to encourage undesirable behaviour.
Prompt ratification of the New Protocol will promote closer ties with a longstanding ally and major trading partner, encourage growth of the U.
Obviously, the IRS is concerned about these statistics on America's view of tax compliance and enforcement and is introducing several new initiatives to encourage compliance and to improve audit coverage.
Barbara says that she hopes that their success "will encourage other individuals in other states to start a Project Healthy Beginnings campaign.
3) To produce general awareness of mass media forms and content and foster a sense that media messages are constructed for economic, political, and aesthetic reasons, among others; (4) To encourage students to think critically about media and ask questions in regards to what they see or hear in their media landscape.