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Synonyms for encourage

Synonyms for encourage

to impart courage, inspiration, and resolution to

to impart strength and confidence to

to lend supportive approval to

to help bring about

Synonyms for encourage

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Ignorance encourages antagonism, misunderstanding, competition, and violence.
According to Manly, the club encourages "inclusion in all areas of filmmaking--writers, stunt people, in the executive office." FWC is a way to "educate out community of the impact they can have by not only going to the theater but by writing to the studios and advertisers and demanding more diverse films."
While fundamental restructuring should be the ultimate goal, interim measures to encourage more capital investment - such as repeal of estate taxes and reduction of the capital gains tax - would spur job and wealth creation.
Incentive compensation should be designed to optimize the physician's performance, encourage the development of appropriate utilization patterns and productivity, and recognize outstanding patient care, quality, outcomes and/or practice administration.
He added that OCCI aims to increase the knowledge and economic content, to encourage specialised writers in economy issues, in addition to encourage writers and social media activists to write on the economic field.
It would be nice if the female-dominated professions did as much to encourage men as the likes of the IMechE and other institutions have done to encourage women.
It aims to encourage better communication between patients and their doctors about treatment.
Or, if a nation's economy is suffering because of too few people, we should encourage migration where it can ease the burden in one place and promote prosperity in another.
TEI urges the EC to encourage Romania and Bulgaria (including the Ministries of Finance, the tax authorities, and the trade and industry representatives) to enter into meaningful dialogue with the business community to ensure that the direct and indirect tax laws in these countries correctly implement EU law (4) and adopt the "best practices" of the EU Member States.
Managers need to bring their own people skills to bear when dealing with employees and encourage the professional development of the building staff.
"By developing a set of guidelines that encourage reuse and recycling, and enforcing those standards through on-site inspections, we are practicing environmental stewardship program-wide."
It does appear, however, as if Congress will provide funding at higher levels than the Administration's proposals for a number of programs that encourage collaboration and assist communities, such as Cooperative Forest Health, Cooperative Fire Protection, and Urban and Community Forestry.
Athletic directors should encourage parents to have open discussions with their children about any frustrations they might experience in how they look or how they perform in their sport.
In Egypt, the FGM-Free Village Model project brings together government and UN partners to encourage villages in the southern region to make public declarations against FGM/C.