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a meeting of people to develop mutual understanding by freely expressing emotions

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There's no glorified language for those kinds of things," a returning veteran told Austin encounter group members.
The TRT began in 1992 as an encounter group between descendants of Nazi perpetrators and Jewish Holocaust survivors.
In separate chapters that explore such general aspects of life as friendship, sex, love, and work, Vincent details how she joined a male bowling league, frequented strip clubs, dated women, worked as a salesman, infiltrated a men's encounter group, and even joined a monastery.
If the students are assigned to groups, they can often encounter group conflict with unproductive team members, have personality clashes with community partners or simply not place the same value on service to others as their colleagues or instructor.
Last weekend, I attended a special conference at the University of Manchester, organised by the Anglo-Irish Encounter group.
A CONFERENCE organised by the Anglo-Irish Encounter group at the University of Manchester last weekend brought together around 100 academics, business people and policy makers from the UK and Ireland to discuss the significance of the small firm sector to the economies of both countries.
Rogers's (1970) book, Carl Rogers on Encounter Groups, was a major seller, and Bill McGaw's (1968) filmed encounter group, Journey Into Self featuring Rogers and Dick Farson as the group facilitators, won an Academy Award (an "Oscar") for best full-length feature documentary in 1968.
In the 1950s, she began a career in behavioral psychology that, over the next four decades, would take her through incarnations as psychiatric patient, hospital technician, graduate student and researcher, encounter group "circuit rider," therapist and author of such notable self-help guides as Permanent Partners: Building Gay and Lesbian Relationships that last (1988) and Positively Gay: New Approaches in Gay and Lesbian Life (1979).
Working with encounter group leader Dennis Walsh, I videotaped while a girl stood in the middle of the group with her eyes closed and described how she thought people were reacting to her then and there.
He has been inside five times before after being convicted of assault charges and has been involved with the Encounter group for one month.
In a joint promotion with 20th Century Fox, the Encounter group will include hair samples from a total of 37 chimpanzees who either served in the Air Force's space program or are descendants of space chimps.
It all starts when Kevin McKidd gets handed the honesty stone at Simon Callow's New Age men's encounter group and owns up to fancying tall, dark and handsome Irishman James Purefoy.