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It appears that each encounter is staged on a common script: the police only have to change the name of the killed persons and place of the 'encounter' in all the 1,142 cases.
We estimated the relative contribution of each of the following 4 factors to changes in reimbursement/encounter: (1) length of stay (LOS), (2) proportion of encounter types by payer, (3) payer mix (ie, overall proportion of encounters attributed to each payer), and (4) reimbursement for encounter type by payer.
Encounter specific satisfaction and its influence on overall satisfaction can be explained using attribution theory.
This puts officers at a disadvantage from the beginning of the encounter and greatly increases it when they judge dangerousness based on the erroneous belief that offender risk is displayed by physical characteristics.
To give a company a permit that legitimizes sexual encounters could lead to problems in the community.
Hohn's ultimate conclusions on the encounter between Germans and black Americans are fairly tentative.
The chief value of this original study is its compelling insistence on the centrality of the English-Irish linguistic encounter to the Elizabethan development of a literary English, a language for the inchoate nation.
So at what encounter volume does a hospitalist practice become economically viable?
In Journey, McKenzie draws from the New Testament story of the hopeless Samaritan whose life is transformed when she has a chance encounter with Jesus at a well--thus the title of the book.
110) five-stage process of "taking charge" which, despite its similarities to the encounter, adjustment, and stability phases, lacks the important preparation stage of Nicholson and West.
Aside from testing the stability of the oval, the encounter could reveal how much water lies beneath the storms.
Using industry standards, let's assume that an otolaryngologist has 225 patient encounters a week, including those for routine office visits, allergy shots, audiologic testing, and surgery.
But this inquiry into pre-holocaust German Jewry goes beyond a mere apologia for their response to Hitler's Germany and offers an even more poignant illumination of the contours of their encounter with German culture -- contours more complex, pain ed, and spiritually guided than hitherto considered.
The process includes the following stages: pre-encounter, encounter, immersion, and internalization.
Measurement tools must gauge the relative weight of each encounter.