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formally expressing praise

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As part of Statius's encomiastic strategy, he depicts Crispinus here as highminded in his forgiveness of his mother for her evil deed described here as abhorrent.
Since poetry is essentially encomiastic, the great nobles have a definite use for it.
"Silence and Decorum: Encomiastic Convention and the Epilogue of Horace Carmen 3.2." CA 2: 9-26.
The great fault of biography is, that it is, for the most part too uniformly encomiastic. It wants faithfulness.
After 1542 the rapport between the two men lost momentum, coinciding with Dolce's awareness that Vasari had not adequately dealt with Titian's artistic achievements; hence the need, perhaps, to correct and to end the Dialogue with an encomiastic note.
1.257ff.) reenacts the encomiastic discourse of Theocritus, Herakliskos and Encomium to Ptolemy.(3) The two Vergilian passages are a striking witness to continuity between the Aeneadae and the Julii, and both turn out to be influenced by Alexandrian celebratory poetry.
[...] Thematically the madrigals are of an amatory nature, but some are encomiastic, and a few express religious sentiments.
A controversial interpretation of Marvell's encomium sees it not only as setting out the elements of delight and horror that characterize the sublime, but also as using skepticism as an encomiastic strategy.
In brief, he sees in these verses a 'political furtiveness' (272) that is not monolithically encomiastic, an 'epideictic hybrid of the era, at once a panegyric and a threnody' (272).
In the same breath and fully in line with the tradition of encomiastic speechwriting, the eulogy is transferred from the art of dancing to those who actually practice it (see, esp., Salt.
The second section is central to the whole book: Marie-Helene Prat examines the rhetorically resonant metaphors of flowers and colours which she contrasts with a cluster of words like graver, buriner, ecrire; Jean-Yves Pouilloux presents an example of encomiastic writing (on Queen Elizabeth); Olivier Pot's substantial essay talks of the paradox of an iconoclastic protestant writer, obsessed with painterly terms and ideas and with vivid dramatization (this is an original contribution to Renaissance thinking on word and image, from the point of view of logic and semiology, rather than cognitive psychology, and deals with the via negativa and the disproportionality of divine images); and lastly Andre Tournon discusses the tensions of 'temoignage' in a legal context.
Since Giovanni was born only two years previously in 1543, Bronzino may have been making a visually encomiastic connection between his exalted sitter and the Son of God.
His high esteem of Pietro Bembo is documented in our poet's sixth satire while, according to Virginio Ariosto, there once existed an encomiastic satire to Baldessar Castiglione.
Like any wise client, these authors all find ways to make encomiastic gestures toward Cosimo.
As a consequence, the single encomiastic focus of the odes must yield to an overriding dynamics at work within the epinician program, one that oscillates between what aims at praise and what detracts from it.