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formally expressing praise

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The aforementioned dedications vary in length and contents, but they are all appropriately encomiastic and deferential in nature.
The Evagoras demonstrates Isocrates' successful rendering of a biography encased in the form of encomiastic praise.
This would indeed endanger, or render ironic, the encomiastic function of the Life, but it is not a connection which the text compels us to make.
103), in encomiastic mode described his royal patron as "blond-haired" (4aveoicogac).
This is the ways to an extraordinarily rich encomiastic literature but most of the times worships hide behind the fear of the ruler who could anytime take --and without a necessary reason--your life.
Besides, ekphrasis and encomium "are closely linked throughout the whole of the Byzantine era", so it is a question of encomiastic ekphrasis.
If naive, it features enough knowing details to undermine any encomiastic intention.
While Elizabeth I rarely encouraged explicit comparisons between herself and martial women of the literary or historical past, (1) brief allusions to and more extended treatments of leaders such as Boudicca are relatively common in popular early modern historiographical texts with encomiastic and nationalist passions.
This argument in turn is supported by the series of encomiastic sonnets to Marguerite with which the collection concluded, where we find lines like the following from the octave of 180, which clearly reprise the themes articulated in 7:
The Regrets return to the prologue of The Praise of Folly for further inspiration when they cultivate the encomiastic vein in their final section.
For Venice these events facilitated an immense political and material gain, yet Marinella downplays the city's martial glory, and even the conflict's potential for triumphalism, to privilege the less encomiastic tale of two couples whose lives are subsumed in the action.
The reputation she gained was both positive and negative: monuments were erected in her honor, encomiastic poems were published, and Voltaire declared her "a woman of as fine a genius, and endued with as great a strength of mind as any of her sex in the British Kingdoms"; (1) however, anti-inoculationists ridiculed her, some society figures regarded her warily, and Alexander Pope satirized her in his poetry.
Some will also find Meuthen's encomiastic style of biography rather old-fashioned as well.
Morrison's biography makes abundantly clear why this writer, almost in spite of himself, should have elicited such encomiastic comments.
Reading itself substitutes for heroic action, as Thomas Hubbard (1998, 77-8) has noted: "War and heroism properly have no place in the Golden Age, except in literary form, past events to be 'read' by the child through the medium of epic and encomiastic poetry.