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Following the model established by the Human Genome Project, NHGRI is calling for the data generated by the ENCODE project to be stored in databases and made freely available to the scientific community.
The findings may give researchers a better sense of how to encode and decode information transmitted via quantum particles and especially how to use as little energy as possible to convey information or even store it in a computer memory.
8 percent encode and read performance, according to user reports
Groundbreaking Capability Enables Terrestrial FM Broadcasters to Use Opticodec to Encode Coding Technologies' MPEG4 aacPlus(R) Digital Radio Streams Directly to FMeXtra Receivers, from Anywhere in the World
Avid systems with the Tarari hardware will be able to encode high-definition video at 720p and 1080i to the WMV (VC-1) format in real-time and process standard-definition video at 480i at 2 to 3 times real-time performance.