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Synonyms for enclosing

the act of enclosing something inside something else

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While some answered that they had tested no-BRE against enclosing one, most agreed that it wasn't even worth testing--enclose them.
After acknowledging receipt of my letter, and enclosing it, the Chief of the Programs, Policy, and Control Division at Rock Island wrote: "I have enclosed the envelope in which it was mailed.
I am enclosing a press release regarding these recommendations.
To the west is a glass-roofed chasm between concrete walls rising the height of the building and enclosing a long flight of stairs to each level.
However, BioGro officials said enclosing the operation would be too expensive and instead proposed a compromise that included submitting yearly reviews, doubling its letter of credit to $10 million for the cleanup of potential problems and putting tarps over material that could blow away.
He proposes that the discrepancy creeps in because the plates enclosing the froths prevent them from expanding naturally.
Itsuko Hasegawa's latest community centre is a fluidly informal set of volumes that draws on traditional Japanese means of enclosing space for cultural events.
The smaller canopy converges with the hill on the east side; the larger roof enclosing the main west stand extends beyond the perimeter of the stadium, forming angular projections in the landscape.
BioGro officials have rejected the idea of enclosing the plant, saying it would cost $78.