enclosed space

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space that is surrounded by something

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Surveys of enclosed spaces and ballast water tanks are an essential part of routine maintenance and are increasingly critical for ship owners," explained Michael Hindmarsh, business development manager at AkzoNobel's Marine Coatings business.
Avoid working in enclosed spaces, like a garage or shed
In addition, it will also protect children below the age of 12 years from respiratory problems that can occur as a result of inhaling toxic tobacco compounds in small enclosed spaces such as a car," Dr Habbal said.
Four live hares were found held in captivity in an enclosed space probably for training purposes, along with a large number of hunting dogs that were not registered, said Katsounotos.
of the UCLA Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences and corresponding author for the article, said the study gives concrete evidence to support policies that ban smoking in public places, particularly enclosed spaces and around children.
Building 2 has 8,793 square feet of enclosed space and 2,975 square feet of exterior storage space.
Olympic officials claim that, when completed, the National Stadium will be the largest enclosed space in the world," says J.
But smokers cannot light up inside the portable catering unit as it is classed as an enclosed space under the ban.
Think, then, what damage cleaning products used on a regular basis year-round can do in the enclosed space of a home, where VOCs can build up for months.
It's a significant explosive hazard if allowed to accumulate in an enclosed space,'' said Jeanne Garcia, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Toxic Substances Control, which monitors schools.
Dementia gardens also feature looping sidewalks and a fence or otherwise enclosed space to prevent residents from losing their way.
Enclosed space generally suggests the feeling of corporate hierarchy while open, moveable space tends to promote collaborative work between employees, which promotes innovative, forward-thinking creativity and results in increased productivity.
The legislation prohibits lighting up in any enclosed space, including theatres, sports venues and bus shelters.
In England, as we noticed, the accused person sits alone in an enclosed space in the courtroom during trial, as well as when the sentence is rendered.
Separating the vanity from the bathing area, the shelf creates a partially enclosed space above the sink in which guests can freshen up without looking at bath toys.