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closed in or surrounded or included within


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This month, the luxury lingerie subscription company Enclosed compiled and analyzed data from over 6,000 respondents to answer this question.
FORMULA One has to consider bringing in enclosed cockpits to improve driver safety following the serious accident involving Jules Bianchi, says one of the bosses of the Williams team.
ENCLOSED MEDIA PRINTING technology has been around for some years as an alternative to metal squeegee blade printing.
Walpole Mall is the latest addition to CRDC's Enclosed Mall Division, which was formed in May to bring the same vision, and expertise to enclosed malls as Charter Realty has brought to the open center area for the past 16 years.
Distributorship opportunity of outdoor privacy curtains for enclosed and non-enclosed pools, Lanais, enclosed and non-enclosed patios and porches.
1 : to close in : surround <The porch is enclosed with glass.
It will be illegal to smoke in virtually all enclosed public and work places, including public transport such as trains, buses, and taxis, as well as company cars, pubs, night clubs, restaurants, museums, theatres, offices, shisha bars, cafes and sports stadiums.
Premises will be considered enclosed if they have a ceiling or roof and - except for windows and passageways - are wholly enclosed, either on a permanent or temporary basis.
You can no longer smoke in any enclosed public or work place.
Enclosed print heads were introduced a number of years ago.
While most ferrous scrap facilities conduct the majority of their business outside, Green Metals operates in a totally enclosed facility.
The Prestige Slim-Line series of modular control-room consoles from Minneapolis-based Winsted Corporation are available with fully enclosed back panels for a finished look.
An attractive design feature in many multi-floor buildings is the harmonious blending of open or enclosed elevator lobbies with the main lobby, workspaces, reception areas, or as appendages to atriums.
This month, Yinhan Gong and colleagues at the National University of Singapore report that enclosed marine waters near industrial areas can contain high concentrations of EDCs [EHP 111:1448-1453].
The piazza is enclosed by an angular wall covered in soft green moss that will gradually flourish, a reminder of the slow beauty of organic life in the midst of artifice.