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an enclosed territory that is culturally distinct from the foreign territory that surrounds it

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It is further clarified that prior to April, 2019 there were no prescribed rules for allotment of Ministers' Enclave, therefore, Ministry after detailed consultation drafted allotment rules of Ministers' Enclave and got them approved from Cabinet Division after completing all formalities.
The Confidential Computing Consortium is initially focused on common programming models and enclave portability, but the Consortium doesn't prescribe the hardware mechanism necessary for creating and protecting the enclave.
Meanwhile, CDA Board has approved the revised schedule, proportionately extend by one year, for allottees of Park Enclave phase-II.
Meanwhile, CDA Board has approved the approved the revised the schedule proportionately extend by one year for allottees of Park Enclave phase-II.
Meanwhile, CDA Board has approved the revised the schedule, proportionately extend by one year, for allottees of Park Enclave phase-II.
President Bashar al-Assad's government, backed by Russia, has waged a major assault against the northwestern enclave since the end of April in a battle the Observatory says has killed nearly 2,450 people.
Whereas in its extension area, which is called Park Enclave II, no development work has started as the CDA has yet to take possession of land from the locals.
He said as a way of achieving the pillars of Sustainable Economic Development for the enclave area resident, CECT and its investors ensured that wherever possible they employed residents of the area in order to reduce unemployment.
Around 245 villagers who were earlier residents of Kurigram District, Bangladesh reside at enclave settlement camp in Dinhata sub-division of Coochbehar district.
With very little or no help from the EU (several Brussels officials with whom I spoke were firmly in denial of the very existence of the enclaves), the enclave dwellers at times have to take the initiative in their own hands.
A signature development of high-end real-estate brand Filigree, The Enclave Alabang was named the Best Residential Development of the Philippines at the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2018, the largest, most prestigious awards program in the region.
ENCLAVE Foundation for Entrepreneurs has named Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig B.
ISLAMABAD: The residents, contractors, builders and employees of Bahria Enclave on Sunday staged a protest against Capital Development Authority's (CDA) anti-encroachment driveoutside the National Press Club (NPC).
Why is the OTI enclave facing stiff opposition from becoming a region?
Noor Ahmad, Ex Director CDA , Nusrat Ullah S/O Inayat Ullah, Ex Member Planning CDA , Mohammad Hussain Gill S/O Dilawar Hussain Managing Director M/S DSTS (Contractor) in investigation against officers / officials of CDA and others in diplomatic enclave shuttle service.