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being all around the edges


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The instant this takes place, a perfect atoll is formed: I have said, remove the high land from within an encircling barrier-reef, and an atoll is left, and the land has been removed.
Couthouy, one of the naturalists in the great Antarctic Expedition of the United States: -- "Having personally examined a large number of coral-islands and resided eight months among the volcanic class having shore and partially encircling reefs.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Turkish forces were within firing range of that route, which leads to a pair of regime-held towns -- essentially encircling Afrin and 90 villages to its west.
On Wednesday 28 February, the 1,600mt Huisman Leg Encircling Crane for Van Oord was successfully installed onboard their offshore installation vessel Aeolus.
JuD ameer flays rulers for seizing assets of JuD on US pressurebrSays India, US encircling PakistanJamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) Ameer Hafiz Saeed has accused India and America of encircling Pakistan, saying that especially Balochistan is being targeted for terrorism.
In 2013 the terrorists had encircled Pakistan and now the state of Pakistan is encircling them.
The reporter said that the clashes ended up with encircling a large group of ISIS terrorists in Uqayrbat town in Salamyia countryside, after inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and arms.
Around 30,000 Iraqi and Kurdish soldiers are encircling Mosul, backed by coalition jets.
The first part of the defensive underground barrier will go along 10 kilometers of the Strip, with plans to extend the barrier around the entirety of the 60 kilometer border with Israel, thereby completely encircling Gaza.
Sources said the law-enforcers are making efforts to capture head of the gang live, encircling all possible exit points of the gangsters.
These complications are more common with radial sponge material; however, they also occur as a rare complication with encircling silicone bands.
If each and every figure has at least four adjacent figures at an uncolored planar map, no matter these figures whether are transformed, and there is at least a piece of figures which at most three figures surrounds inwardly, then we regard the borderline closed curve which the piece of figures adjoins outwardly as "a ring of encircling figures", and use sign "[dot encircle]" to denote it, also use sign "[?
Summary: The Occupied Al-Quds, July 13, 2010, SPA -- Palestinian sources said the Israeli Occupation Forces are encircling the house of Ahmad Atwan, one of the notables of al-Quds.
It is envisaged motorists will pay up to pounds 5 a day to enter a central zone whose boundaries will be marked by the motorway network encircling Manchester city centre.
The water supply has not been diminished by the 70-foot drop in the waterline, and buoys encircling islands jutting from the water's surface caution boaters and fishermen unaccustomed to the obstructions.