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NATO encirclement, the US-backed coup in Ukraine, an attempt to use an agreement with the European Union to bring NATO into Ukraine at the Russian border and a U.
Removal and disposal of AlttE-ren, installation of approximately 100 new doors with encirclement or Sanierungszargen, fire doors, overhead door closers, skylight glazing, glazing G30.
From the Turkish border, Islamic State fighters could be seen moving toward the northeast of Kobani, seeking to complete its encirclement.
India's sensitivity to potential Chinese encirclement is similar to China's fears of encirclement by the US and its allies.
France said that the operation was carried out in coordination with Australia, the United States and Britain and was destined to help the local population whose survival is threatened by the IS encirclement.
It had announced in a previous statement released Saturday night that the army shelled the armed groups' gathering spots in preparation for their isolation and encirclement, pointing out that further military reinforcements were sent to the area.
Kiev said its military overran nine rebel checkpoints and scores of soldiers, backed by armored vehicles and helicopters, appeared to entrench their positions, tightening their encirclement of the flashpoint town.
Nor is it surprising that he would regard Kiev's turn to the west as a step toward encirclement by the United States and the EU.
Later, the South Stockton Link was driven through a sensitive part of the Tees corridor to feed Stockton - virtually completing the toxic encirclement of our town.
India's expansive diplomacy in Afghanistan since the 2001 ouster of the Taliban has already fanned Pakistan's fears of encirclement, and its embassy in Kabul has been bombed twice.
Referring to the future, he talked of conflicts amidst uncertainties on whether the US pivot to Asia would mean a reversion to a new Cold War based now on encirclement and containment of what some erroneously call as the 'China threat'.
Human encroachment has become an encirclement of the whole planet, and our ceaseless racket has made the natural world a quieter place, now absent of many wildlife sounds.
Washington paid a price for this support in its relations with important allies, especially Israel which worried about encirclement and some of the Arab Gulf countries, which are particularly suspicious of the Brothers' agenda.
16 in order to place the issue in the context of Hezbollah's persecution and encirclement.
But can Asia's fear of hegemony and China's fear of military encirclement be reconciled?