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Pakistan perceives India's development contributions in Afghanistan as part of New Delhi's strategic encirclement policy that Islamabad feels would leave it vulnerable in any potential conflict.
Along with description and captions, the photos illustrate the strategic preludes to the campaign for Rome; terrain, fortifications, and weapons; combatants and commanders; Operation Shingle and the German encirclement at Anzio; Cassino's second, third, and fourth battles and the breakthrough at the Gustav Line; and the breakout from Anzio and on to Rome.
The Times of India quoted Indian establishment sources as saying that the country was now preparing a defence strategy to counter a threat of encirclement from China and Pakistan.
But under the autocratic rule of Vladimir Putin, the Russians have been fed for years on a Autocratic Putin media diet of fear and suspicion about a US-led strategy of "encirclement" by the nation's enemies.
The General Staff of Turkey announced on March 13 about complete encirclement of Afrin by the Turkish Armed Forces and Free Syrian Army.
A calm official policy of reflection and reappraisal is needed, otherwise not-so -splendid isolation, a pariah status and dreaded encirclement will be our lot.
Attempts to break the encirclement failed, and resistance in the pocket broke down over the next few days.
A protest procession was organized before the National Assembly, which ended with the encirclement of the building and an attempt at destruction and arson.
Encirclement or segmental band was then fixed 12-14 mm posterior to the limbus with 5-0 polybutylate coated polyester suture or silicon sleeve in case of encirclement band, avoiding the vortex veins.
Arguing that New Delhi must keep its eye on the ball as China enforces its policy of "encirclement" of India, the editorial lashed out against Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi for his recent comments on Sino-Indian relations, as against China for 'turning the Brahmaputra (known as the Siang in Arunachal Pradesh) black with pollutants.'
The launch of Iranian rockets targeting Saudi Arabia's capital makes it obvious in the bluntest manner possible what is at stake: Iranian encirclement tightens the noose around Arabian Peninsula states - a region that is of fundamental importance to energy security, and whose destabilization would have dire global consequences.
Adam said the encirclement of the camp with the military, armoured vehicles and tanks caused fear and panic among the camp residents.
National Security Council (NSC) spokesperson Michael Anton has warned that President Donald Trump is planning to impose sanctions on terrorists including the Haqqani network having links to the Pakistan Governemnt and has outrightly dismissed its allegations against India's encirclement through Afghanistan.
Unfortunately, many Filipinos trust the United States and its policy of encirclement. Small wonder, China looks at us as a naive American pawn.
As Wesley notes, "A distinctly Asian version of what security scholar John Herz dubbed the 'security dilemma' has developed: countries worried about encirclement or containment by their rivals seek alignments and build infrastructure to forestall such strategies, but in the process they aggravate others' fears of encirclement or containment" (p.