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confined on all sides


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Finally, if we look to other oceanic islands of about the same height and of similar geological constitution, but not encircled by coral-reefs, we may in vain search for so trifling a circumambient depth as 30 fathoms, except quite near to their shores; for usually land that rises abruptly out of water, as do most of the encircled and non-encircled oceanic islands, plunges abruptly under it.
The section in this state resembles in every respect one drawn through an encircled island: in fact, it is a real section (on the scale of .
We can easily see how an island fronted only on one side, or on one side with one end or both ends encircled by barrier-reefs, might after long-continued subsidence be converted either into a single wall-like reef, or into an atoll with a great straight spur projecting from it, or into two or three atolls tied together by straight reefs -- all of which exceptional cases actually occur.
It deserves notice that in more than one instance where single red and blue circles approach near each other, I can show that there have been oscillations of level; for in such cases the red or fringed circles consist of atolls, originally by our theory formed during subsidence, but subsequently upheaved; and on the other hand, some of the pale-blue or encircled islands are composed of coral-rock, which must have been uplifted to its present height before that subsidence took place, during which the existing barrier-reefs grew upwards.
On the other hand, although most of the islands in the Pacific which are encircled by barrier-reefs, are of volcanic origin, often with the remnants of craters still distinguishable, not one of them is known to have ever been in eruption.
The sea, knowing what was required of her, threw over them her weeds, encircled them with coral, and encrusted them with shells; the whole was cemented by two hundred years beneath these almost impervious depths, for a revolution carried away the emperor who wished to make the trial, and only left the documents proving the manufacture of the jars and their descent into the sea.
His right arm encircled the lion's neck, while the left hand plunged the knife time and again into the unprotected side behind the left shoulder.
Summary: Turkey's military and its rebel allies have encircled the northern Syrian city of Afrin, the Turkish armed forces said Tuesday, a substantial advance in Ankara's offensive against Kurdish fighters across its southern border.
JENIN, September 27, 2017 (WAFA) -- Israeli forces on Wednesday encircled an agricultural land with barbed wires near the town of Yaae1/4aobad, to the west of Jenin in the West Bank, according to local sources.
In 2013 the terrorists had encircled Pakistan and now the state of Pakistan is encircling them.
Homs/Hama, SANA -- Army units operating in the countryside of Homs and Hama have made a significant progress against ISIS terrorists, and encircled large numbers of them in Uqayrbat town in eastern countryside of Salamyia in Hama.
KUWAIT, Aug 13 (KUNA) -- Emergency teams have removed most oil spill spots and encircled all coastal zones after securing vital facilities of Al-Zour zone and its surrounding areas, the oil sector's spokesman Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah said on Sunday.
Iraq's prime minister said the advance had been faster than planned, as encircled jihadis were forced to retreat.
RAJANPUR -- Police and army troops continued operation against members of Chotoo gang for 20th consecutive day in riverine area of Punjab Rajanpur district, claiming that the gang leader has been encircled.
The police chased the criminals and encircled them near Ayub Research.