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a concise reference book providing specific information about a subject or location

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Il Consultore esprime riserve circa la sistemazione tradizionale (dopo il sacramento della penitenza) (41); si pone il dubbio sulla convenienza di una trattazione estesa o sintetica (42); propone come base di lavoro Y Enchiridion indulgentiarum del 1968 anziche il CIC 1917.
12) While in prison, Stockdale lived in the world of Epictetus and applied the lessons and teachings from The Enchiridion to survive.
For example, see De civitate Dei, XI 17, XVIII 51, XXII 1-2; Confessiones, VII 5; Enchiridion, XI, XXVII, XCVff; Contra epistulam Manichaei, XLI; and De continentia, XVI.
While the general paucity of such texts as the Old English Orosius, dealing directly with episodes of Greek history, or as Byrhtferth's Enchiridion in the vernacular accounts for different distributions in the Old English subcorpus.
Seria o caso, por exemplo, do tratado Enchiridion militis Christiani ("O manual do cavaleiro cristao", de 1501-1504),--uma obra de imensa popularidade a epoca de sua publicacao, mas que para Huizinga se tornara insuportavel.
No es dificil pensar que Inigo haya tenido conocimiento del Enchiridion de Erasmo.
Enchiridion Botanicum, exhibens classes et ordines plantarum accredit nomenclator generum et officinalium vel usualium indication.
Speculative works like Knights of Sidonia may well prove the Enchiridion of such an age, helping us to think ahead of technical imperatives hustling us toward erasure.
The Little Offices (officia parva) (though not specifically the Penitential Psalms) are listed in the section of the Enchiridion titled "Other Grants," no.
Hence rather than view Negra as a corrective antidote to Todas in which the reader must yield to the authority of the author, it is more fruitful to see the novel as an artistic enchiridion that enables the author and the reader to undertake parallel journeys toward the space of ambiguity.
In 1530, in anticipation of the Imperial Diet at Augsburg, Johannes Eck employed this same argument in the enlarged German edition of his Enchiridion locorum communium adversus Lutherum (Enchiridion of Commonplaces against Luther), which had first appeared in 1525:
Arrian recorded the exclusively oral teachings of Epictetus in The Discourses and The Enchiridion and all four belong to the Stoic school.
Enchiridion militis christiani [The Handbook of the Christian Soldier].
De ahi que no haya escrito una obra para eruditos, sino una especie de vademecum o enchiridion que recoge lo esencial de la sabiduria politica de los antiguos, tan necesaria y provechosa hoy como siempre.