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a concise reference book providing specific information about a subject or location

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69) In truth, the content of these techniques is basically one and the same throughout the whole of the Discourses and the Enchiridion, to wit, the distinction between what belongs to the realm of our proairesis and what does not, which is the center around which the whole of Epictetus' reflexions are articulated.
When he departed Stanford, his favorite professor of philosophy gave him a copy of the Enchiridion.
With Tyndale's "subjunctive fingerprint" in hand, Canon turns her concordancer to an anonymous English translation of Desiderius Erasmus's Enchiridion Militis Christiani--widely presumed to have been translated by Tyndale.
18) Desiderius Erasmus, A Book Called in Latin Enchiridion Militis Christiani and in English The Manual of the Christian Knight, replenished with the most wholesome precepts made by the famous clerk Erasmus of Rotterdam, to which is added a new and marvellous profitable Preface (1503) (London: Methuen, 1905), p.
The Enchiridion is one of the earliest hymnals printed in Magdeburg, the first major free city in North Germany to adopt the ideas of the Reformers and among the first to accept the Augsburg Confession.
20) See Boyle (1981, 17-25), Rummel (1986, 7-9, 74-75, 89-121); see the hermeneutical principles articulated in the Enchiridion (Erasmus 1988 66:34-43); Folly's satire on scholasticism in Praise of Folly (1986b, 27:126-35); the critique of stylistic self-enclosure in the Ciceronianus (1986a).
self-consciously affirms that his Enchiridion presents the reader with
Throckmorton's possession of Erasmus Enchiridion before 1528 surely places her amongst the earliest readers of Erasmus in English.
9) Congregation for Catholic Education, Circular letter to the Reverend General Superiors and Presidents of Societies of Apostolic Life responsible for Catholic Schools, 15 October 1996, in Enchiridion Vaticanum, vol.
in the field of education, Iser, in this admirable work of passage, prepared this tell-tale enchiridion on interpretation-as-translation and cultural fermentation in the English language for the 1994 Rene Wellek Library Lectures at Irvine.
13) The extract from Benedictus Deus is quoted from Henricus Denziger, Enchiridion symbolorum, Editio 24 (Barcelona, 1946), p.
Aldus used a Greek term in naming this format an enchiridion, which means literally a small weapon like a dagger as well as a manual, and was therefore the humanist's hand-held weapon; and he spoke of publishing a large series of books that could be carried (in his phrase, libelli portatiles).
95 and includes the full game, a custom design of the Enchiridion on a jumbo SteelBook[TM] case, a limited edition replica stylus of Finn's gold sword, an exclusive bestiary guide book, and a poster map of the Land of Ooo.
is perhaps best known for his updating of Denzinger's Enchiridion symbolorum with conciliar and postconciliar magisterial teaching.