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in a bewitching manner

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It was played enchantingly, intriguingly and virtuosically - as were the more conventional works on the programme by Mozart, Bach, Saint-Saens and Paganini.
The story, a charming children's classic set in imperial England, was enchantingly brought to life by a slew of singing actors led by Lorenz Martinez, Myramae Meneses, Caisa Borromeo, Jay Valencia Glorioso, Noel Rayos and two theater finds, Ashlee Factor and Noel Comla, as the children.
has expanded its Love2Love fragrance collection with the introduction of Bluebell+White Tea, "an enchantingly romantic scent [that] celebrates the bliss of discovering your heart's true partner.
Then there will be the fathomless wells, aka enchantingly "bore holes.
85 acres, these apartments are all enchantingly landscaped and thoughtfully laid out to give you a lovely sense of space along with maximum ventilation and natural light.
There are no free rides in this concerto, not even in the slow movement, where enchantingly long passages have to be played in a terrifyingly long single breath.
By pointing to the mixture, in Grabbe's plays, of an enchantingly natural discourse recalling "dieselben Naturlaute, womit uns Shakespeare .
It is undoubtedly a feat to use one metaphor to access the paradoxically limitless space of parting and to revise Kafka's famous futility, as Cixous does, but her expressive capacity makes the supple device enchantingly effective.
Musically, the 28-year-old Handel emulated his opera's hero with a prodigious show of youthful strength; from start to finish Teseo is a tuneful, enchantingly scored delight.
They created an authentic Omani ambience setting up traditional Omani coffee tents where the uniquely rich and enchantingly aromatic Omani coffee as well as Omani dates and sweets were offered to the guests.
Make the most of the enchantingly luxurious island-like space for a magical evening over some truly good food and intoxicating wine.
The pretty walkways and bridges are enchantingly decorated with twinkling fairy lights.
The third part was the enchantingly named "Enchanting Escape Facial".
Less enchantingly, Bilawal has drawn attention to Sindh as "Bab-ul-Islam", the gateway of Islam, implicitly endorsing a similarly youthful Mohammed bin Qasim's seventh-century foray into the subcontinent.
Joan Van Loon's Between the Pages takes readers on a journey of discovery and adventure alongside the pyjamaclad main characters in this quick-paced picture book, enchantingly illustrated by Chantal Stewart.