enchanter's nightshade

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any of several erect perennial rhizomatous herbs of the genus Circaea having white flowers that open at dawn

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It is the evocatively named enchanter's nightshade, a name which you think must surely have a story attached to it.
Nightshades are generally poisonous plants and members of the potato and tomato family, but enchanter's nightshade is, along with fuchsias and evening primroses, a member of the willowherb family.
Enchanter's nightshade is common and widespread in Britain.
It is perhaps appropriate given Circe's efforts, that when wild boar roamed our woodlands they would have been agents for the spread of enchanter's nightshade as the burs stuck to their coats, thus increasing the plant's population.
The woodland floor is carpeted with bluebells in spring, while enchanter's nightshade takes over later in the year.