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restrain or bind with chains

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Together these developments result in the prevailing presupposition that human beings are inherently good, while society, with its inequalities, distinctions, and prejudices, enchains and corrupts them.
Unfortunately, Clara's observation that "human beings always risk becoming attached to that which enchains them" proves prescient, and the novel effectively conveys the inescapable power of the ideologies permeating a particular place and time.
He observed, while tenderly describing the inexorable progress of his mental illness, that Collins "languished some years under that depression of mind which enchains the faculties without destroying them, and leaves reason the knowledge of right without the power of pursuing it.
That Auster, in his prime, should choose to publish "a chronicle of early failure" shows not that he takes his present success for granted, but that he superstitiously credits his early failure with the power to explain and ensure current success: prior failure enchants and enchains his literary destiny.