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restrain or bind with chains

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I]t is suddenly and by a shock that the sublime wrenches our spiritual and independent nature away from the net which feeling has spun round us, and which enchains the soul more tightly because of its subtle texture.
At the same time, yoga is shown as a form that shapes and disciplines the body--one that literally enchains it.
Together these developments result in the prevailing presupposition that human beings are inherently good, while society, with its inequalities, distinctions, and prejudices, enchains and corrupts them.
What the self finds in Being, according to Levinas, is its weight, the heaviness of Being that weighs upon the self and enchains the self to itself.
Unfortunately, Clara's observation that "human beings always risk becoming attached to that which enchains them" proves prescient, and the novel effectively conveys the inescapable power of the ideologies permeating a particular place and time.