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restrain or bind with chains

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Marveling at Dumais' ability to convey passion in its solos, ensembles, and an erotic pas de deux without relying on a plot, he praised her ability to create enchainments, phrases in which the individual movements fit together with a sense of incidence.
He characterizes Sennett's films in terms of a variety of physical abuses and a proliferation of comic improvisations around individual props: "a single prop (car, telephone, boat) or setting (grocery store, garage, kitchen, or bedroom) was sufficient to set off seemingly endless enchainments of comedy" (42).
filled the stage with exuberant dancers in bright variations and enchainments, through a wide range of ballet movement to the music of Sir Arthur Sullivan.
His enchainments may be meaningless, but he knows how to section and organize a work so you can later think something has happened--he juggles his empty synapses with flair.