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restrain or bind with chains

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In a recent presentation at the Imperial Capital Opportunities Conference, Standley and his colleagues singled out several areas for improvement, including bolstering the performance of lower-volume stores, finding greater efficiencies, enchaining private label offerings and providing a better customer experience.
When the fact of the enchaining of the city's navy base is stressed further, a partial explanation can be found for Leo III's unclear stratagem of opening the chain of the Golden Horn during the Umayyad siege of 716-717 and the ensuing hesitation of the offenders to enter the port.
They also tackled the issue of promoting and enchaining bilateral relations
DQG is very keen on organizing this event annually in an attempt to contribute to the enchaining the organizational excellence standards in business community.
For Aureliano, the attempt is conscious and rational, and his acknowledgement of his failure is equally explicit: "El mismo, frente al peloton de fusilamiento, no habia de entender muy bien como se fue encadenando la serie de sutiles pero irrevocables casualidades que lo llevaron hasta ese punto" (Cien Anos 120; "The same, facing the firing squad, was not to figure out how the series of subtle but irrevocable coincidences had gone enchaining themselves together such that they had carried him to this point.
For example, Canizares quotes the Franciscan Andres de Olmos, who describes how Satan "humiliates" his Amerindian vassals by enchaining them in dungeons.
It brings us back to the central problem of assessing the ambiguous legacy of Leo's restoration of Thomism: one could see it as enchaining Catholic thinkers--yet even those enchained recognized the unmistakable value of Aquinas's thought and its ability to provide continuity between past and present in the convulsive, rapidly changing modern world.
This seems reminiscent of the attempts to ensure loyalty in the old Soviet Union: a vast bureaucracy dedicated to busywork, to enchaining the creativity and energy of professionals, and distracting them from their work.
What are the trends and fads enslaving us and enchaining us at this moment in our history?
Se que esto es un demonio, una malicia que me tiene atado" ) [I am sure that when I surrender, Christ will clean me from sin with his blood and will free me of the demons enchaining me.
To live in a culture is to inhabit structures of being so pervasive yet invisible as to live within a doubly enchaining prison house: not only are we entrapped by these structures, but we fail to notice that we are entrapped, except perhaps in some deep, inarticulate sense.
Prose literature in Irish chucked off whatever shackles were enchaining it in the fifties and the sixties, and there seemed less need of an injection from abroad than ever before.