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bound with chains


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Drive out fear if you want to get rid of landlords, who have enchained the people.
The Renaissance Virtues of Justice and Peace embrace in the background; the eye of Providence looks down from above, and War, Ambition, Discord, Fraud, and Impiety are enchained below.
The women gathered in the city center, enchained themselves to each other and shouted slogans condemning slaying of Arslan which shook the whole country last week.
He continues: "Moreover, this distinctive story about an enchained eschatological actor is surely a dark parody of the odd Jewish traditions about an Imprisoned Messiah' who currently bides his time in a secluded chamber within Gan Eden.
Psyche, however, has now embraced the more complete nature of the dream--she can no longer return to her doubtful position enchained on the mountain.
The young activist urged the European Parliament to look beyond Europe to those countries which are suffering where freedom of speech is enchained.
Yousafzai called on the European parliamentarians to "look beyond Europe," and assist people in countries around the world who are "still deprived of their basic rights, their freedom of thought is suppressed, and their freedom of speech is enchained.
The Middle Passage from Africa to the plantation colonies took approximately three months during which the people remained enchained in darkness in minimum space, the living, sick and dead side by side, laying in their excrements and vomit, and without any possibility of movement.
Since it is interred in a cave beneath Plato's cave, twice removed from the philosophical light of the sun, the modern mind, when it begins to think, is already inferior to the enchained natural consciousness of the Greek philosopher.
So long as he keeps his human shape, he is enchained by our
The explanations are thorough and clearly enchained in a logical argument structure.
Metaphorically, they suggest the rigid, enchained logic of causality, the relativity of connective forces (as in 'the weakest link') and serially linked processes (food chains, chains of events).
The halogenation reaction is carried out in a hydrocarbon solution such as hexane using elemental chloride and bromine (equimolar with the enchained isoprene).
The BDA units incorporated in these polymers should be enchained following the typical coordinative acrylate insertion mechanism of the Pd-diimine catalyst with the resulting ester functionality located at the branch ends, which has been elucidated clearly in the literature (14), (16-18).
must be enchained ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]); and the