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restrain or bind with chains

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of Paris VIII--Vincennes, France) responded to the passage of this law with his November 2003 open letter complaining about Accoyer's efforts to "compromise psychoanalytic discourse and enchain those who serve it.
Hannah watches the light of the linden tree outside play on the portraits, feeling suddenly free as she observes that the portraits cannot enchain her.
For Cornell, the effect of this analytic move is to enchain women in a masculine discourse once again.
Bishop Wuerl's oversimplified view of the historical continuity between the mind of Christ and the details of Catholic polity, all too representative as it is of official ecclesiology, attempts to enchain the theological imagination in the fetters of the status quo.
Lifting to heaven her glowing eyes in vain Her eyes, for bonds her tender hands enchain.
In a radio broadcast on its Portuguese language service, the Voice of America reported that Falcone also tried to invite George W Bush to visit his ranch, which is described with some reason as 'a 1001 nights palace' by the French satyric weekly Le Canard Enchain.
Townsend has neither means nor prospects, but his attentions naturally enchain her lonely heart.
Unlike other photographic critics such as Barthes, who in Camera Lucida emphasizes photography's connection to death and to the past, or Pierre Bourdieu (89) and Rosalind Krauss (49-56), who note that the most common reaction to photography is a judgment about the identity of the objects or beings pictured, in "Blow-up" and, as we shall see, in "Apocalypse at Solentiname," the act of viewing a photograph in fact problematizes the response of denominating and does not enchain us to the past, but rather opens onto a terrifyingly virtual future.
What offerings smartphone makers can introduce to enchain the customer beyond conventionalHandset Sales' business model?
Not that only but some GoSS officials behave made their staff to feel as if monthly salary paid to staff is from their own pockets, and this is just to enchain and make staff to live under his/her compassion because they are the proprietor of government of southern Sudan.
Feeling must enchain the imagination and reason must silence the opinion of men.
Sauron lies to the Numenoreans to make them hate the Valar: "It is he whose name is not now spoken; for the Valar have deceived you concerning him, putting forward the name of Eru, a phantom devised in the folly of their hearts, seeking to enchain Men in servitude to themselves.
Metallocenes have been designed that enchain prochiral monomers like propylene in atactic, isotactic, syndiotactic and hemi-isotactic orientations.