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restrain or bind with chains

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The rabbit--no longer an affectionate "conejuelo"; now a panicked "conejo"--flees frantically from the dog who waits to gnaw his bones; the estuary no longer "liberally corresponds" to the desires of the fishermen, but stands silent as fishermen enchain and trap its "ciudadanos mil del agua" (I, 1, 62); armies of trapped salad ingredients fight each other to the death.
A sample: "No species of writing seems more worthy of cultivation than biography, since none can be more delightful or more useful, none can more certainly enchain the heart by irresistible interest, or more widely diffuse instruction to every diversity of condition" (The Rambler 60).
The play on the words enchain (enchaisner), enchant (enchanter), and sing (chanter), and the more general shared vocabulary between Gohory's descriptions of compelling musical magic and of the forceful control love exercises over mind and body, again underlines similarities in process and effect.
Despite the threats, despite the challenges, despite the difficulties, despite the very fact of losing our life, we must not enchain the word any longer but speak that word with courage and with boldness.
of Paris VIII--Vincennes, France) responded to the passage of this law with his November 2003 open letter complaining about Accoyer's efforts to "compromise psychoanalytic discourse and enchain those who serve it.
Hannah watches the light of the linden tree outside play on the portraits, feeling suddenly free as she observes that the portraits cannot enchain her.
For Cornell, the effect of this analytic move is to enchain women in a masculine discourse once again.
Why do you constantly enchain our loved ones To your cold bosom?
Bishop Wuerl's oversimplified view of the historical continuity between the mind of Christ and the details of Catholic polity, all too representative as it is of official ecclesiology, attempts to enchain the theological imagination in the fetters of the status quo.
In a radio broadcast on its Portuguese language service, the Voice of America reported that Falcone also tried to invite George W Bush to visit his ranch, which is described with some reason as 'a 1001 nights palace' by the French satyric weekly Le Canard Enchain.
For instance, shortly after his visit to Europe, Chactas gets captured by two rival tribes whose members enchain and plan to sacrifice him.
Townsend has neither means nor prospects, but his attentions naturally enchain her lonely heart.
Families, they maintained, could not treat the unbalanced, they could only enchain them.
In that location it was a dance for demons disguised at Armide's request, not as zephyrs but as nymphs and shepherds who enchain the sleeping Renaud with garlands of flowers (ex.
At the very beginning one must weight the process with a predilection not to violate such values as truth-telling, doing no harm; guarding our freedom by not providing openings for those who would enchain us; and acting only in such ways as will gain and preserve respect for ourselves, our newspapers and our vocation.