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A first group of three heads was used to perform plan-by-plan classical progressive dissections and transverse and dorsal sections, that allowed the extraction of the encephalon within its connections to cerebral arteries.
Zhao et al., "Cattle encephalon glycoside and ignotin reduced white matter injury and prevented posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus in a rat model of intracerebral hemorrhage," Scientific Reports, vol.
MELAS syndrome affects many of the body's systems, but particularly the brain (encephalon) and muscles (myopathy).
Neurotoxic effects of thimerosal at vaccine doses on the encephalon and development in 7 days-old hamsters.
GABA is the principal neurotransmitter for Cl-transport in the CNS and the cerebellum has the highest concentration of GABA in the encephalon. Severe alterations of GABA concentration could lead to disruption of the cerebellar circuits, mainly affecting the Purkinje cells.
A comatose condition develops, from which the dying man initially recovers, realizing he is lying in a pond of blood, in terrible pain, which he cannot properly identify (arm, chest, skull) because his encephalon is coaffected.
In situations in which two stimuli are presented very close unexpectedly, the encephalon of the karateka capture the first stimulus attack and begins select and generate a response to it (Schmidt and Wrisberg, 2010).
Analysis of Correlation between Cortical NEP mRNA Expression and Both the Number of Cholinergic Neurons in Basal Encephalon and the Extent of Aft Deposits in Gyrus Proreus.
Its effects depend on the area of the encephalon studied, the type of treatment the animal receives, and the receptors involved (for a review see Refs.
To bring all the pieces of the puzzle together, Markram and his team have devised a way of gathering all relevant data about the encephalon from around the globe using a supercomputer called Blue Gene.
After amplifying DNA extracted from 35 different parts of the encephalon, a robust PCR band at the expected size (360 bp) was obtained from two samples representing the temporal brain lobe.
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