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roentgenography of the brain after spinal fluid has been replaced by a gas (usually oxygen)

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To establish an adequate control period, EEG signals were recorded for 10 minutes using a digital encephalograph (Neuromap EQSA260, Neuromap LTDA, Brazil).
Earlier, it was by observing brainwaves -- using electro encephalograph ( EEG) that record the electrical activity in the brain under different mental stages.
Sleeping babies were hooked up to an encephalograph (EEG), an instrument able to measure brain activity using electrodes placed on the scalp.
The experiment was carried out on a computer consisting of a 16-channel computerized encephalograph, connected by a 16-channel analog-digital converter (ADC) to a personal computer.
She was born a thing and as such would be condemned if she failed to pass the encephalograph test required of all newborn babies.