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Synonyms for encephalogram

a graphical record of electrical activity of the brain

an X ray of the brain made by replacing spinal fluid with a gas (usually oxygen) to improve contrast

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Amplitude-integrated encephalogram (aEEG) is a simplified method newly applied in bedside real-time cerebral function monitoring for neonates.
Similarly, Electro Cardiogram (ECG) and Electro Encephalogram (EEG) techniques are playing tremendous role in medical science.
Electro encephalogram (EEG) had shown variation during various phases of menstrual cycle with increase in a wave frequency at the time of ovulation.
Magnetic encephalogram (MEG) studies are based on the fact that the electrical currents produced by the brain are always accompanied by magnetic fields.
Electro encephalogram is the recordings from the surface of the brain and from the outer surface of the head demonstrate continuous electrical activity in the brain.
Doctors have carried out CT scan, a magnetic resonance imaging ( MRI) and electro encephalogram ( EEG) to examine the damage to her brain.
He wrote reviews of Ammons's books, including a New York Times appreciation of Corsons Inlet and of Tape Jr the Turn of the Year--"a kind of Orphic encephalogram," he called Tape.
The results of the encephalogram showed in both cases that, at between 150 and 250 milliseconds, the brain's response upon seeing the words as reflected in the mirror was the same as when they are read normally.
Furthermore, no activity compatible with the Landau-Kleffner syndrome was found in the encephalogram, as has been described in patients with autistic features (20, 21), nor any spike and wave in the temporal regions, or the existence of an electric status during sleep.