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protrusion of brain tissue through a congenital fissure in the skull

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The most important feature is its ability to identify a stalk of soft tissue traversing the bone defect from the temporal lobe to the sac of the encephalocele.
Transalar sphenoidal encephalocele and respiratory distress in a neonate: A case report.
Bilateral temporal bone encephaloceles after cranial irradiation.
The diagnosis of encephalocele is suggested in the history and physical examination.
Imaging studies are required before excision to differentiate heterotopia from encephalocele because of the difference in surgical approach.
Encephalocele -- The skull does not form properly, allowing part of the brain to be contained within a sac outside the skull.
US scan revealed a huge occipital encephalocele containing CSF and cortical tissue.
Children with encephalocele (in which the brain protrudes through an opening in the skull) may survive but are almost always mentally retarded.
Under endoscopic guidance, the encephalocele was reduced with the use of electrocautery and suction until the edges of the bony skull base defect were exposed (figure 3, B).
Sincipital encephaloceles are the most common type of encephalocele in Southeast Asia, and their occurrence in the U.
Chiari III represents an encephalocele (external sac containing brainstem and posterior fossa contents); thus, the cerebellum and brainstem are descending not only into the spine, but also into an external sac.
Nasal masses in infancy are infrequently encountered, and most of them are developmental anomalies, such as encephalocele, nasal glioma, hamartoma, and nasolacrimal duct cyst.
Spina bifida and related neural tube defects of anencephaly and encephalocele are major causes of perinatal, infant, and childhood mortality and morbidity.
net 1,2,3,4,6,8 NASAL ENCEPHALOCELE See: Craniofacial Disorders NEMALINE MYOPATHY See: Muscular Dystrophy NEPHRITIS See: Kidney Diseases, Hereditary, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome NEUROFIBROMATOSIS See also: Acoustic Neuroma; Hearing Impairments; Visual Impairments Learning Disabilities National Neurofibromatosis Foundation John Radziejewski Director of Public Education 95 Pine St.
For example, a study in which rats were administered a dermal dose of 50 mg/kg body weight/day of ETU on days 12 and 13 of gestation produced malformations in all fetuses (including encephalocele, short mandible, and missing leg bones) but produced no substantial acute effects on the dams (FLDACS 2005; Stula and Krauss 1977).