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Encephalitis Society's Dr Ava Easton said:"One person every minute will be struck down by encephalitis in 2018, irrespective of their age, gender or the country in which they live.
Benjamin Yson said that no case of Japanese encephalitis had been reported in Manila or the National Capital Region.
Methods: The demographic, clinical, laboratory, imaging, electrophysiology, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) DNA results of patients examined with a pre-diagnosis of encephalitis were retrospectively examined.
The most common causes for viral encephalitis in sheep include maedi-visna virus, Borna disease virus, and rabies virus.
Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], August 11 ( ANI ): As many as 30 children have lost their lives due to encephalitis in a span of 48 hours at the hospital of Gorakhpur's Baba Raghav Das Medical College.
Imaging features were suggestive of HIV encephalitis (Figure 1).
Hence, our aim was to analyse the Japanese B encephalitis (JE) seropositive cases from various rural, urban and semiurban areas of these two districts of West Bengal.
Autoimmune encephalitis is not a rare cause of encephalitis.
Methods: Conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was performed in 17 patients with encephalitis diagnosed on the basis of laboratory, clinical and radiologic findings during 2009 and 2015.
At least nine people have died after contracting encephalitis, commonly known as "brain fever", in the northern town of Siliguri in West Bengal since May this year.
Pigeon protozoal encephalitis is a biphasic, neurologic disease of domestic pigeons (Columba livia f.
ENCEPHALITIS is a rare but serious condition that causes inflammation of the brain.
THE Mamata Banerjeeled government in West Bengal is facing severe criticism over inept medical infrastructure at state- run hospitals as encephalitis toll reached 155 with the deaths of three more patients at the North Bengal Medical College and Hospital ( NBMCH) on Wednesday.
MATTHEW Cassell from The Encephalitis Society says: "Rosie is an incredible young lady, and is an inspiration to others who have been affected.
Encephalitis can be an uncommon complication of a common infection, such as infection with a herpes virus or with any of several vaccine-preventable disease viruses, or a predictable presentation of a rare pathogen, such as the ameba, Naegleria fowleri.