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a paint consisting of pigment mixed with melted beeswax

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Display the work of the entire class by placing one set next to the other to create a large-scale encaustic work.
Different colours of clay were used to create an encaustic tile, meaning the design is created within the tile itself so it lasts for years.
There are many qualities that distinguish encaustic - texture, malleability, even aroma - the most obvious is the way it interacts with light, refracting it slightly so that it emanates as a soft glow.
September's topic will be Australia and Hong Kong, October's is life as a pantomime dame, November sees a demonstration of encaustic arts, and Christmas flowers will be the subject for December.
If you are interested in experimenting with encaustic painting, this video will serve as a mini-course imparting basic information and usage suggestions.
The 30,000 encaustic Minton tiles designed by Minton, Hollins and Co of Stoke-on-Trent were installed in 1854 and have always been a magnificent example of the confidence, pride and greatness of the city of Liverpool.
Artist Doreen Tewksbury will be teaching an Encaustic Art class; a Grecian technique that uses hot wax to create incredibly stunning works of art.
Another great use for broken crayons is an elementary version of encaustic painting.
My quasi detachment from these reliefs--they are much more reliefs than sculpture--is heightened by the memory of the blinding enthusiasm that greeted the original encaustic flags, targets, gridded numbers, and alphabets that, at midcentury, established the territory this new work still mines.
Andrew Jenkin takes a break from his usual style with an impressionistic watercolour of Huddersfield Railway Station, while Barbara Goodall pleases with her encaustic wax pieces.
Cragin focuses on jewelry, Blamo does jewelry and sculpture, and Kahn is showing some of her encaustic paintings, a technique which uses heat to melt resin and beeswax that in this case results in rust-colored pieces that echo Fitchburg's industrial heyday.
PAINT, Threads and Beeswax, an exhibition of watercolours, encaustic paintings and textile art by Gill Yarnall.
In addition to informing the reader about equipment and supplies for the painting studio, plus discussion of painting techniques and general knowledge, the author examines the various media--oils, watercolor, acrylics, encaustic and pastels--in depth.
The majority of these artists are established abstract expressionists working in oil, acrylic, encaustic, steel, photography and other mixed media.
COOS BAY - Artist Janne LaValle will give a free demonstration of encaustic printmaking at 11 a.