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Synonyms for encasement

the act of enclosing something in a case

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The presentation reported here is unusual in that there was encasement of the terminal ileum within a sac, and this itself, along with rest of the small bowel, stomach and ascending colon was encased within a larger sac.
We had one resident who was not paying for the mattress encasement and that issue eventually went to court, but we haven't had any other resistance from residents," Cowart says.
The design of the PE plastic encasement installations increase public safety and promote reduced maintenance issues for both the federal/ state agencies and the utility owners.
An HH-60H Seahawk of Helicopter Combat Support Special Squadron 4 suffered Class A damage when the fuel cell encasement fractured during pressure refueling in Iraq on 6 July.
The system also saves space by replacing more than 16 cables with one fiber-optic network cable and by replacing entire walls of hardware with one or two racks in a single space-saving encasement.
Tolerance to ice encasement may or may not be correlated with tolerance to freezing temperatures.
When the patient/resident needs to move in or out of the bed, the rails can be easily removed by unzipping the zipper on the bottom edge of the encasement.
In the late 1980s, small irregularities were observed on the inner surface of the encasement glass.
Sub-freezing temperature, loss of cold hardiness due to warm periods, ice encasement and soil heaving can result in crop losses.
The fibers are maintained in position by a resin encasement that completely encloses the fibers.
The encasement is machined from a solid billet of aluminum.
Bed interventions consisted of complete encasement of the mattress, box spring, and pillows plus either weekly professional or in-home laundering of nonencased bedding.
Robustness is ensured in this system by the complete encasement of the tiles in epoxy, and the inclusion in the substrate of a reinforcing fabric.
When jurors filed inside, they passed by the red saw in a plastic encasement - key evidence on display along with photographs of Alba's bloody torso and the charred remains of his head.
The following stretches can help alleviate computer encasement.