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Synonyms for encasement

the act of enclosing something in a case

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Rarely, islet-cell tumors may mimic a pancreatic adenocarcinoma by narrowing or obstructing the pancreatic duct or causing vascular encasement, occlusion or invasion.
The design of the PE plastic encasement installations increase public safety and promote reduced maintenance issues for both the federal/ state agencies and the utility owners.
A CT scan may show dilated ileal loops towards the centre of the abdomen, or even, encasement by a membrane (5).
The line is designed with reinforced fabric and seams and a micro-zipper technology intended to provide a secure encasement and protection from bed bugs.
The queen-sized box spring and mattress encasement is less than $65, including shipping, Cowart says, a relatively cheap alternative to throwing out an infested mattress.
Histopathological findings included plaque-like encasement of the leaflets and chordal structures with intact valve architecture.
launch The third Mobile User Objective System communication satellite is on track for a January launch, according to maker Lockheed Martin, which recently announced the satellite's encasement in its payload fairing.
The project includes a new generator and electrical system, partial concrete encasement of the building, and a retrofit of a new clean agent fire suppression system in two rooms containing microwave satellite equipment and IT equipment.
The encasement should be used from the start, before allergens penetrate the mattress.
Flexible Collagen Nerve Conduit is a resorbable, flexible type I collagen tubular matrix that provides both an encasement for peripheral nerve injuries as well as protection of the neural environment.
A new concrete encasement is currently being built to be placed over the existing one amid concerns over its long-term structural integrity.
A concrete encasement is the only answer," the Daily Star reported.
The mattress encasement and pillow protector come with a fluid repelling surface, which provides an impenetrable barrier to dust, pet hairs, mild stains, bacteria, and moisture.
He said that under the new system, tutors dues would be credited to the allotted card for encasement at ATM.
Smooth Mattress Encasement, Protect-A-Bed's Mattress Protector, and Protect-A-Bed's Premium Pillow Protector.