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Synonyms for encased

covered or protected with or as if with a case


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There were many oil-paintings on the walls, mostly without frames, and I must mention the chandelier, which was obviously of fabulous worth, for she had encased it in a holland bag.
In truth, to restrain his tears at such a crisis the poor wretch's heart must have been encased in more of the aes triplex -- "the triple brass" -- than Horace bestows upon the sailor who first visited the terrifying Acroceraunian shoals.
Occasionally surges of sea water washed over her feet, which he could see were encased in rubber sea-boots.
She thrust out a shapeless, swollen foot, encased in a monstrous, untended shoe, the dry, raw leather of which showed white on the edges of bulging cracks.
But my two friends had already encased their heads in the metal cap, and they could neither hear nor answer.
The servants passed gayly along the fine court-yard; some, belonging to the kitchens, gliding down the stairs, restored but the previous day, as if they had always inhabited the house; others filling the coach-houses, where the equipages, encased and numbered, appeared to have been installed for the last fifty years; and in the stables the horses replied with neighs to the grooms, who spoke to them with much more respect than many servants pay their masters.
But the boat was famous for her speed, and the house, garden, and every thing Julia knew, were soon out of sight, and she, by accident, touching the picture which she had encased in an old gold setting of her mother's, and lodged in her bosom, was immediately restored to her former sense of things.
Her hull was encrusted with barnacles, which completely encased her.
Like most radiographers, we assumed that the encased grid was protected from "fractures" or separations in the gridline spacing.
The first phase, the above-ground equipment at missile alert facilities, included an EHF antenna encased in a 40,000-pound reinforced steel shelter on top of a 60,000-pound concrete foundation.