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Synonyms for encapsulate

Synonyms for encapsulate

enclose in a capsule or other small container

put in a short or concise form

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It's hard to encapsule this dreamlike plot, as Coppola meditates about life, consciousness and what is reality.
Avantager une autre image de soi, un silence encapsule, une memoire reprimee, refoulee ou clivee.
sequence ranges to encapsule a spectrum of human possibilities,
De este modo, no se trata de que el si-mismo sea llamado para que ulteriormente se encapsule, se retire o se aisle, descuidando su relacion con los otros.
Truth," as the authors of this new book encapsule it, "is larger than proof.
Est-ce par coincidence que ce passage encapsule les arguments que l'on sert d'ordinaire propos de l'ecriture des femmes?
A woman's "child beating years" typically encapsule the age range from fifteen to forty-four years of age.
As I wrestled with these dilemmas, I often longed for an export handbook or training sessions that would encapsule all of the information companies need to make exporting easier.