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the condition of being enclosed (as in a capsule)

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the process of enclosing (as in a capsule)

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Based on geographic/regional distribution the global Food Encapsulation Market is studied for key regional markets focusing on the respective geographic trends and statistics, and thereby delivering market size and forecast values.
Food Encapsulation market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.
Panasonic has responded by using its resin design technology to develop a sheet-form encapsulation material for coreless package substrates.
They describe the process steps and hardware systems, the morphology of spray dried particles, process parameters and their influence on product quality, parameters of spray-air contact and evaporation, and types of spray dryers; encapsulation techniques; encapsulation of probiotics, flavors and specialty oils, and bioactive ingredients; spray drying for nanoencapsulation of food components; the functional properties of spray dried encapsulates; analysis of encapsulates; modeling of spray drying; synergistic techniques for encapsulation; and the industrial relevance and commercial applications of spray dried active food encapsulates.
With six years experience from ISP Microcaps, now part of Ashland Specialty Ingredients, Rees has an extensive knowledge on encapsulation of flavors and fragrances, has managed academic collaborations and led encapsulation technology innovation projects targeting oral care and household applications.
A creative fusion of Nitto Denko's new encapsulation sheet and IDEC's longtime-nurtured production engineering expertise led to the development of a revolutionary LED component.
The acquisition expands Keminas product portfolio of animal feed ingredients to include encapsulation technologies and new ingredients for the dairy industry, the company said.
Applications: Solenoid encapsulation, rubber molding, pharmaceutical Features: Electrically heated platens, digital temperature control, PLC controls.
P claims that the removal and encapsulation costs were ordinary and necessary business expenses.
Company's Encapsulation Technology offers a highly efficient and economical means of encapsulating a variety of products and ingredients.
CR300 Encapsulated salt is a free flowing coated salt; the salt is contained within a microfilm of fat using varying levels of encapsulation, from 90% salt and 10% fat through to triple encapsulation at 70% salt and 30% fat.
It's crucial to ask the right questions when selecting an encapsulation shell supplier
Traditional approaches to encapsulation have involved the use of varnishes or thermoset resins in either liquid or solid form.
To help meet this challenge, the flavor industry is active in developing new encapsulation technologies that provide flavor release under specific conditions, adding valuable flavor impact and/or extending flavor shelf life.