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Synonyms for encapsulate

Synonyms for encapsulate

enclose in a capsule or other small container

put in a short or concise form

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The word 'not' is absent from our vocabulary and when put to the test, Balchem Encapsulates can create the unthinkable.
Chief Executive Officer of CytoTherapeutics, "This collaboration is an opportunity to combine two broad-based technologies: CytoTherapeutics' ability to encapsulate living cells for implantation in the body, and Genetic Therapy's technology for altering the genetic composition of cells to produce therapeutic benefit.
CytoTherapeutics will use its CRIB(TM) (Cellular Replacement by Immunoisolatory Biocapsule) membrane system to encapsulate the client's cell line and TSI will perform pharmacology and drug interaction studies.
But obviously, any manifold that encapsulates easily will not be a popular choice among those of us who have to fix or run it.
The iSCSI initiator driver encapsulates these SCSI commands and data into iSCSI packets that are, in turn, encapsulated into TCP/IP packets.
The gold pad on a chip card encapsulates the chip like an enclosure and is called a module.
Company has drawn upon its process technology and advanced Ploughshare[R] action to develop a vastly superior encapsulation system that encapsulates in a single vessel without the need of drying the product after encapsulation.
Balchem Encapsulates developed an encapsulated solution for human choline fortification called Vitashure[TM] Choline.
Balchem Corporation , parent company of Balchem Encapsulates and provider of encapsulation delivery solutions to the food and animal feed industries, announced that it has moved into new corporate headquarters in New Hampton, N.