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Synonyms for enantiomorphism

the relation of opposition between crystals or molecules that are reflections of one another

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More than that, to have a "literal" perspective on the conflict between the two worlds, in the spirit of what the West names "political correctness" or, better said "literal correctness", we must appreciate the rapport as being one of socio-cultural enantiomorphism, as we speak about a reciprocal mirroring of this.
A perspective of the transition at [T.sub.c] for an incompressible elastomer is given in [22] where it is argued that this transition is an unusual constant-volume first-order phase transition with measurable latent heats when [T.sub.c] is far below the clearing temperature of the LC mesogens cross linked in the elastomer Taking into account enantiomorphism, a similar perspective for [T.sub.c] far above the clearing temperature could also be applied.
They regard wavelet transform as a set of enantiomorphism filters and use a set of high-pass and low-pass enantiomorphism filters to decompose signal.
As omnivorous of other artists' ideas as was Smithson himself, she reworked her friend's signal contribution up to that point, the staging of enantiomorphism, for her own use.
This class has the quality of enantiomorphism, which expresses itself morphologically as left-handed and right-handed crystals.
Like the residual late-medieval astronomy driven by Pythagorean investments and beloved by Kepler, (10) narrative embedding and its cousin ring composition revel in symmetry and enantiomorphism or mirroring, especially regarding Kepler's mise en abyme among inner- and outermost diegetic voices in the Somnium.