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either one of a pair of compounds (crystals or molecules) that are mirror images on each other but are not identical

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This is why enantiomers are sometimes called "optical isomers"--an enantiomerically pure compound that rotates plane-polarized light is "optically active." OUELLETTE & RAWN, supra note 36, at 245-47.
However, these studies on their enantiomerically enriched and pure forms are few [38] and, as indicated above, obtaining these compounds at high enantiomeric purity may enhance their potency and reduce their toxicity.
Preparation of enantiomerically pure [alpha]-amino acid derivatives from aldimines and tributyltin cyanide or achiral aldehydes, amines, and hydrogen cyanide using a chiral zirconium catalyst," Journal of the American Chemical Society, vol.
Racemic alcohols can also be resolved into enantiomerically pure forms by lipase-catalyzed transesterification.
As the enantiomerically pure (R)-[alpha]-aminoadipic acid is available from this processonalargescale, weembarkedonaprojectto explore the application of this chiral pool building block for the synthesis of (R)-pipecolic acid and its derivatives [10,11].
More than 50% of the top 100 drugs are based on enantiomerically pure molecules and such drugs already today exhibit sales exceeding 100 billion US-Dollars.
Our goal is to synthesize enantiomerically enriched [alpha]-methyl lysine analogues from a common synthon.
An isolated, single enantiomer is said to be enantiomerically pure.
The use of enantiomerically pure DOTAP Chloride shows enhanced adjuvant activity compared to the racemate.
Some specific processes described include chemoenzymatic routes to enantiomerically pure amino acids and amines, multi-enzyme systems for the synthesis of glycoconjugates, and microbial production of DNA building blocks.
Chemoenzymatic synthesis of enantiomerically pure 1,2-diols employing immobilized lipase in the ionic liquid [bmim]PF6.
In their March 2007 cover article in Angewandte Chemie International Edition 46 (2007), 2276, the U of A researchers show that using enantiomerically pure (R) propylene oxide, each of the 6 conformers is "frozen out" in their molecular beam and can be observed by their distinct rotational spectrum (see Figure 3).