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either one of a pair of compounds (crystals or molecules) that are mirror images on each other but are not identical

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The reason why the beetle produces an enantiomeric mixture was unclear at the time of its discovery.
Their synthesis, which appeared in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (2003, 125, 9308), employs a tandem Diels-Alder/allylboration strategy which installs both stereocentres and the heterocyclic ring rapidly and with high levels of enantiomeric control.
The blackcurrant oil yields from different materials and changes in the concentrations of aroma compounds during the ripening process were studied, and the enantiomeric ratio of some monoterpenoic compounds was determined.
For example, bacteria act as enzyme reactors to crank out huge quantities of one enantiomeric form of vitamin C, and enzymes isolated from other microbes help produce the desired enantiomer of aspartame, an artificial sweetener.
For example, the quantitative determination of aromatic hydrocarbons in diesel fuels, the analysis of multicomponent mixtures containing sulfonylurea and carbamate pesticides, and the rapid separation of enantiomeric pharmaceutical isomers (box) have all been successfully achieved with this clever analytical tool.
Enantiomeric and Stable Isotope Analysis (Nguyen Thi Thao)
Pan, Synthesis and application of dehydroabietylisothiocyante as a new chiral derivatizing agent for the enantiomeric separation of chiral compounds by capillary, Anal.
It was concluded therefore, that PLB could not attack the sn-2 ester linkage of unnatural enantiomeric PC but attacked the sn-3 ester linkage non-stereospecifically.
Chapter 7 discussed importance of enantiomeric purity for biological activity through illustration of several alkaloid examples.
Finally, we determined diastereomeric and enantiomeric patterns to improve current knowledge concerning isomer- and enantiomer-specific fate in the human body.
S-equol, a potent ligand for estrogen receptor beta, is the exclusive enantiomeric form of the soy isoflavone metabolite produced by human intestinal bacterial flora.
Currently, synthetic routes to synthesize the unnatural analogs of the [alpha]-amino acids easily, inexpensively, and with sufficient enantiomeric yields does not exist.
Beetle pheromone chemistry is somewhat unusual as compared to other insects, in that enantiomeric composition may play a critical role in defining the activity of the pheromone.
Topics covered include principles, instrumentation, reverse-phase, ion-exchange, ion-pair, ion, size-exclusion and affinity chromatography, as well as analytical methods, preparative HPLC and enantiomeric separations.
Sorption and binding ability was studied along with the permeation selectivity of underivatized enantiomeric solution of Phe using Ultrafiltration experiments.