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either one of a pair of compounds (crystals or molecules) that are mirror images on each other but are not identical

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Some enantiomer cases, too, have privileged unexpected results over obviousness to try.
The a value is correlated to the free energy difference between the interactions of each enantiomer with a CSP by the equation, -RT x ln a = [DELTA]([DELTA]G).
In this research, a novel method was presented based on the resonance of light scattering for the measurement of enantiomers of the target components in the presence of one another.
When polymer is exposed to a racemate solution the polymer adsorbs one of the enantiomer with notable selectivity [7 8].
It is also interesting to note that there were detectable antipode present in both single enantiomer standards (S(+) carvone and R(-) carvone).
This can give rise to a total of 16 possible optical isomers, 6 pairs of enantiomers, and 4 meso forms.
Bioavailability of S (+)-ketoprofen after oral administration of different mixtures of ketoprofen enantiomers to dogs.
Reflecting developments in both the science and the law, this edition includes treatment of new topics, including the impact of the International Conference on Harmonisation, IP and patent concerns with regard to racemic switches and the marketing of single enantiomer switches, and the importance of stereochemistry on the ADMET stage of drug discovery.
The plasma concentration of (S)-warfarin was higher than that of (R)-warfarin even though the same dose of each enantiomer was given; the mean [+ or -] SE (vehicle vs.
The natural enantiomer of the RNA precursor molecules formed a crystal structure visible to the naked eye.
The (+) - enantiomer has a moderate affinity for the opioid receptor, greater than that of the (-)-enanti-omer.
In addition, the placental passage of the active enantiomer is slow with fetal levels less than maternal levels.
Of all the forms, the studies of its threo diastereomer revealed that d-threo isomer has been found to be more active and also showed significant metabolic difference than l-threo enantiomer.
123) Because it is chiral, a receptor will bind one enantiomer preferentially over the other.